Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Apprenticeship of Sarah Palin

Justin Raimondo at AntiWar.Com shows us the arc of Palin's meteoric rise:

September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin, Neocon Pod Person

Did they hypnotize her, or was that unnecessary?

The apprenticeship of Sarah Palin is an object lesson in how the neocons took over the American Right and saddled the GOP with their agenda of "big government conservatism" and perpetual war. Her brainwashing limns the experience and fate of the larger conservative movement, which has been reduced, these days, to a militaristic cult that remembers nothing of its origins – a movement of neocon pod-people.

You have to hand it to the neocons, however: Sarah Palin will far outdo Dan Quayle in her service to her handlers. And, who knows, what with McCain already well advanced in years, she may prove just as useful to them as was George W. Bush. From the neocons' perspective, she is indeed ready to become president, should the need should arise, her very inexperience being her chief qualification for the job. Here again, individual experience limns the larger picture: just as her neocon handlers delight in writing on such a blank slate as Sarah appears to be, so they imprinted their ideological prescriptions on an intellectually bankrupt conservative movement, which had long since lost touch with its traditional moorings.

~ Justin Raimondo

The human psyche is being treated as photo paper. 'Imprinting ideological prescriptions'--that's what I'm calling myth-jacking. We'd call it voodoo or witch doctor or medicine man stuff, if we weren't talking about our own beliefs. They play god with society, jack us to hell in the process of creating heaven for them alone, and then have the gall to stick us with the bill.

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