Friday, February 22, 2008

@52:30-58:38 See hear Samantha Power do the King Minos Hula

Hey! We hear violence! taste tears! smell blood. Something wicked has just passed. Did Uncle Sam the Magician just quickly move his hands? Or has he been moving his hands this whole time? And no fair blaming the mad dogs of war you yourself trained and fed your own Hand.

Samantha Power told the legend of King Minos: he hoarded a gift from the gods, it really screwed things up, then he learned to BE THE FLOW, THERE IS ONLY THIS FLOWING.

Yes, King Minos, he of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth and all that. The story she just told, complete with eloquent body language, is expressed in countless myths!

OMG! A lady's handbag, a curtain, this is the stuff of which Legends are made. Sergio Viera del Mello was pinned to The Rock, Crucified for 3 excruciating hours. But he was there to pull out of The River babies thrown in upstream by US. Who's throwing babies in The River? WE ARE!

Watch Samantha Power pantomime what happens to those who try to hoard The Flow, she does a perfect "hula dance" (and I mean that in all respect) when she's talking of Sergio Viera del Mello's experience as a demi-god of the whole planet. Self-emptying vessels are the fundamental Vehicles, Cells, Magic Carpets of Life, of this Being Aware of our own Awareness,

into which this experience I am pouring (my fingers dance over the keyboard in slanting dawn sunlight like balding tarantulas, casting shadows of mythic proportions),

from which this Awareness of Becoming is arising ( ! )

and out of which We are Flowing
Mater and Pater rhyming in

'The only safe place, from The Storm, is WITHIN! The only safe place, from a juggernaut, is Aboard!' Says who? You don't steer juggernauts, you don't overpower them. First, you sidestep them, then QUIT BUILDING THEM!

Can we jump the juggernaut of nuclear power? No, the waste is permanently lethal. Don't make any is the only solution. Etc.

Uh, where am I? Oh yeah: Why was Samantha Power so focused only on the issue from the as-yet undefined Vessel we all genuinely are within? And she skips the whole process of going to war, myth-jacking, with a statistical phrase: "overdetermined." How did we get here?

We have as yet to properly perceive and appreciate the Flow we're in, seeing as we've been imagining ourselves to be Aboveground Submariners, Astronauts in Inner Space, since we fell in love with

these very cisterna mystica

back in the Sumerian days of inventing maps and maths and all.

We are Flowing, Aware of its own Flowing! The Mechanists are little tiny weemen who envy canine flexibility as they yearn to turn about and try to swallow their own Source Flow. POP goes the weasel!

More on McCain later. Maybe that explains those bizarre jowls. Get Lieberman, Specter, and McCain in one room and see what I mean!

One of the Hindu demons tried that. I think it was Indra who burst that infernal Bubble. And then Indra, the silly djinn, assumed to himself all Good. POP goes the Indra!

Our mythos, tragically, is unearthly in its cosmology, insisting on eternal life for itself and eternal damnation for Them.

Western Patriarchy, of which I speak from within, = [(absolute supremacy)] / (absolute subjugation) = sucks to be you!

Some deal we offer. And notice how WP uses legal mechanisms and mechanical receptacles in place of cisterna mystica. Treaties are Deathtraps for extracting value from god-forsaken Mater.

See what I'm doing? Boost your analysis up a quantum level, from mechanical vivisecting to Being all that you truly Are. Look up inside our Mind and tell me what you See.

Look at supranormal stimuli as icons on the Control Panel of our collective unconscious. I, Robot and The Matrix offer us far more seaworthy metaphors than the crappy crafts we board in high school, eh sisters and brothers?




Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Killing (HOSTS / THEIR) innocent civilians in the name of attacking those who kill (ANY / OUR) innocent civilians?

Rigged trials? Lies about massacres? Killing hosts of innocent civilians in the name of attacking those who kill innocent civilians?


A metaphor is a vehicle for going from ignorance to Enlightenment; a myth is a metaphor; thus, to Hijack Catastrophe, to Promote Disaster Capitalism, MYTH-JACKING is the state of the art in the manufacture of consent.

Let's zoom out and get a look at the Big Picture (fear not: I'm a poet, I'm licensed to fly this thing).

Way beyond the Time Horizon, we are Space, the Void, pregnant with potential. Round about 15 billion years ago, the Big Release expressed us all. About 4 billion years ago, this Body took shape. Let's call Her Gaia.

"[Gaia] peoples like an apple tree apples," to very slightly paraphrase Alan Watts. We are all common offspring of a common mother. The Painted Caves of Europe functioned as living cathedrals of Gaia's own womb for 20,000 years.

From out of the Womb, we Arise, we flourish, we diminish, and we flow back into the Womb through the tomb, to start all over again; WE FLOW.

Sadly, along with the boons of the advent of maths, maps, and these mystic vessels we call 'words,' the greatest tragedy ever has taken place:

We are seduced into trading these self-filling / self-emptying Mystic Vessels, for mere mechanical receptacles (see also Maestro Will Smith et al. in I, Robot ).

Looking at these (squiggly shapes on a contrasting backgrUnd) releases the experience I am pouring in, which mystery the Greeks call kenosis, and involves ALL aspects of it (filling, the vessel, emptying, arising, etc.), not just 1 or The Other.

Try looking into these very spaces and see what happens. Stops you from reading, huh? But you can't help it, can you? you can't help overlooking these very spaces, if you want to Drink from these very Mystic Vessels.

What's this got to do with Gitmo? I'm glad I asked.

As well as an out-of-work poet (is there any other kind? seriously! I need work) I'm also a grad student of research psychology.

Gitmo shows the absolute horror of the Mechanistic Cosmos. What are we doing to those people, our kin? Same thing we're doing to all of us:


(This is also known as Buddha's First Noble Truth.)

The APA deliberately chose Newtonian mechanics as its model for Psychology, a mistake Robert Oppenheimer warned them not to make. Newtonian mechanics is based on a point particle.

Thus, we collapse Psyche into quantum singularities of Pain, and then seek to preserve that false and inverted condition as the basis of awareness itself.

Psychology as we know it is a Frankenstein's monster; so is society as we know it.

Gitmo shows it.

Jose Padilla and the Gitmo Prisoners are being installed as icons for crowd control on the Control Panels of our collective unconscious. Making the enslaved pay for their enslavement, making prisoners imprison themselves, is the State of the Art in the manufacture of consent.

Where were you when Kennedy's head was rung like a bell by bullets from the same cattle prod that rang Dr. King's bell? Where were you on 9/11?

Where will you be when the next Shock comes?

They're using The Shock Doctrine, as brilliantly expounded by a genuine Promethean Sister, Naomi Klein, like a cattle prod. Gitmo is an attempt to show us all what happens when we step out of their line, and into our lives.

Our society offers up Deathtraps, like Gitmo, the SuperDome and those mobile FEMA gas chambers, as shelter from the Storm. There can be no acquitals? This is our method of human sacrifice on industrial scales.

How's this for a plot twist: Uncle Sam spares their lives, instead only imprisoning them forever. How kind, like the Saudi king who "spared" that woman from 200 lashes.

They're using mythic images and narratives, humanity's own greatest boons, as BRANDING IRONS and RAZOR WIRE, literally pushing us around like cattle.

But there is Release! from this word-bound Deathtrap; we all are Flowing Through. Another Promethean Sister, Eve Ensler, is going to supercharge the SuperDome, that Super Cisterna Mystica, like Gaia's own volcanic vagina. All males are advised to evacuate the area!

Bottom Line

This is the dawning of a new era in Psychology. Here are three formulas that express 1) Western Patriarchy's Idea of the Good Life; 2) The Flow; and 3) The Proper Basis for Being.


This reduces to (infinity / zero). That's not even a whole number! let alone a basis for genuine civil society. McCain Said: "Peace through overwhelming strength." Fraidy cat!

2) {(vessel) + (Flow)} = BAM!bino

Where does the sound of this unspoken Voice come from?*



Thursday, February 7, 2008

@47:30 Zelikow Learns His Farts Do Stink


The Mysterious Dr.Z: What do you mean, my farts stink? I have reports from CIA that say they don't, and now CIA is under criminal investigation, so even if I do stink, which of course I suspected, why didn't CIA tell me?


DN!: Did you ask them?

Philip Zelikow: "Um, I did not, but that wasn't uh, I wasn't the person who was pushing the issue directly with Tenet. That was more the job of my bosses on the commission, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton and other commissioners. Um, it was...." he continues, looking away, then snap! "I'm sorry," he humbly replies with school-boy charm.

He's XO of the BushCo damage control team, so what's he do about being stonewalled by CIA? He complains vociferously in writiing, but not a peep in person? Isn't that the Conyers & Leahy Show?

No, he says, that was the duty of his bosses, Kain&Hamilton, the two-headed bipartisan hydra. Look, he asked CIA lots of questions. In writing. Now the Bush Justice Department is investigating CIA, presumably for being such poor correspondents. I'm sure Conyers & Leahy will be shocked.

Zelikow said
, one "can only assume that they had something they wished to UH something they didn't want the commission to know."

How could poor Zelikow know that his shit stinks? You don't seriously expect him
to trust his own senses, do you? That would be madness!

Does he have McCain Syndrome: A willful ignorance of one's own Shadow? Absolute faith in authorities is so unbecoming of a "scholar."

He hasn't just been read into the program,
he wrote it! (Project for a New American Century's infamous National Security Strategy for the United States, 2002, implemented in toto by BushCo because they produced it.)

His "truth" is like Huckabee's political economy: there's Our Truth, and Not Theirs.

Why do we tolerate this?
American Exceptionalism says, America is god's favorite country. And ours is the one and only god. God has designated certain people with divine authority to manage his plantation; the rest of us born to be slaves. You can eat shit and die, not necessarily in that order.

Many white supremacists call blacks "mud people." Since they can't blush in the face, they don't have the breath of god, so they're obviously subhuman. The KKK has the wildest epithet I've ever heard: "Seed of Satan anti-Christ Jews." Retired Floridians gone bad?

THE EMPIRE: We have truth; you don't. We are the authorities (never mind that we stole the insignia of office), you're not. Get back in line, worm! Who you gonna believe, your Daddy or your lying eyes? Don't you know we're at war?

@46:30 Dr. Z Can't Add 2 + 2 and get 4

Ratner expresses his surprise to hear Zelikow say we can't assume evidence from the interrogations was torture.

Ratner: "Can I say it 100% ? No."

He goes on to utterly demolish Zelikow's story, demonstrating that anyone who can do 1st grade math can add this up. Oh, and need to be able to do something Zelikow and other authoritarian royal pains in the ass can't do: think for yourself.

| [ 2 (Report Relies on Interrogations of KSM et al.)]
|+[2 (Hayden says, yes, we tortured those very people by waterboarding.)]
| 4!

Ratner: "You get 4."
Zelikow: "[Ratner] doesn't know that, we don't know that, NO 1 knows that."

@41:00 Zelikow, Savior of Black Site Detainees

"Perhaps a little bit due to my efforts," President Bush brought detainees out of the Black and into the--what? Star Chambers set up by the Military Commissions Act? What a pal!

@40:00 "[Ratner] doesn't know that, We don't know that, No 1 knows that"

PZ: "[Ratner] doesn't even know if the information from Khaled Sheikh Mohammed uh in these particular uh interrogation reports came from torture. He doesn't know that, we don't know that, no one knows that."

Amy Goodman: Do you know that they didn't?

PZ: "(Sound of disdain) Huh, no, of course I don't know that they didn't and I don't know that they did."

Who's he think he is, the Buddha? He was there as a public servant to FIND THAT OUT.

He was there as the duly appointed investigator for We, the People, in a federal investigation of the myth-jacking of 9/11/01. No one had any authority not to answer OUR questions, not Zelikow's.

Why did the XO of BushCo's damage control team accept no for an answer? Does he misunderstand the purpose of an investigation?

No, he understands that perfectly well. He points proudly to the Fence, the Wall that he found too high to get over, too low to go under, too wide to go around.

So Head Z asks Head Dick, Head Don, Head NoNothing: "Do I smell torture?" They respond in unison: "No, that's not torture, it's dinner."

9/11/1973: Kissinger et al. ZELIKOWED Chile.
9/11/2001: Who ZELIKOWED US?

Democracy Now! 05 August 2004: The US May Have Committed War Crimes at Guantanamo Bay

The Tipton Three

The Red Cross said yesterday that the U.S. may have committed war crimes at Guantanamo Bay if reports of detainees being tortured at the military base are true. This according to a report in the Guardian of London. The comment by the Red Cross comes a day after three former detainees from Britain revealed they were the victims of systemic abuse at the hands of their US captors both in Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay. A Red Cross spokesperson told the Guardian “Some of the abuses alleged by the detainees would indeed constitute inhuman treatment.” And that “Inhuman treatment constitutes a grave breach of the third Geneva convention and these are often also described as war crimes.”

The former detainees, Shafiq Rasul, Asif Iqbal and Rhuhel Ahmed, released a 115-page report yesterday that claimed they were beaten, shackled, photographed naked and, in one incident, questioned at gunpoint while in US custody. The three young men are from Tipton, a poor neighborhood in the West Midlands of England with a small community of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people. All three were detained in Northern Afghanistan on November 28, 2001. In March of 2004, after 2 ½ years of being held in extreme conditions, they were released to the British government. They were never charged with any crime and were released shortly after they returned. The three men compiled the report of their experience with their attorney, British civil rights lawyer Gareth Pierce.

Following these latest reports on conditions at Guantanamo, a leader in Britain's Liberal Democrats party called on the Foreign Office to launch an investigation into the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Meanwhile, U.S. Navy Secrtary Gordon England defended the military tribunals being held for Guantanamo detainees. The tribunals come in response to a Supreme Court ruling requiring that detainees have the ability to challenge their detentions. Five of the eight prisoners reviewed so far have refused to take part in the process. We’re joined from our New York studio by human rights lawyer Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and attorney for several Guantanamo detainees. He is the co-author of a new book called "Guantanamo: What the World Should Know."

See Dr. Z Cite The Devil, In Writing, Proving He's Telling the Truth

A-ha! Got it, here it is. The Buddha said, Humanity is impaled on the two horns of the same bull: 'is,' and 'is not.' The American people are impaled on the two horns of the same bull: 'Party A,' and 'Party B.'

Why wouldn't people who would invade an entire foreign country not also infiltrate Parties here at home? Why would the NSC allow "unregulated" actors on its home turf? Who among the two Parties are the national-security state moles?

Here's how to keep the Genie in the bipartisan bottle. This is a primer in myth-jacking by the master! Electrifying.

PZ keeps pointing to Democratic Party-vetted people to bolster his argument with "bipartisanship," even though Lee Hamilton still has the stench of our Central American massacres. We're expected to have forgotten that like Zelikow seems to have.

A Lie/Lie is NOT the same as Truth/Truth. His witnesses have 0 credibly, he cannot base anything on their honesty, since, like his phone logs, they have none.

Howard Zinn defines Art as, "A lie that tells a Truth." No one mistakes paintings for photographs. Well, then there are those who place absolute faith in authority. These people will see and believe what they are told to by the nearest Authority.

These people are deliberately using lies about massacres to weave a false mythology. All myths originate in stories of Death and Sex leading to Food and Life.

The Horror of Klein's Shock Doctrine is their way of initializing the polity for myth-jacking. They boot us into Safe Mode, back to the Stone Age, play god, then expect us to eat shit and die while they live on the fat of our Sacrifice. Making the enslaved pay for their enslavement is their idea of a good economy.

This sounds like the mythology and cosmology of divine right royalists, not democrats.

See here! Mysticism is NOT a Dirty Word

Democracy Now! Thursday 07 February 2008

The Maharishi school of MANAGEMENT? WTF?

Someone please tell John Hagelin that the Maharishi himself was a mystic.

He owes Jesus, Buddha, Joan of Arc, the Maharishi, and all other mystics an apology! Mysticism is not a dirty word. Mysticism is a rationalist's way of saying, the boogeyman under my bed. What makes rationalists assume that a ratio of Beloved/Beloved, generating this self-evident Awareness of our own Becoming, is amenable to Newton's methods? There's nothing "mystical" in this Voice that resounds in all heads, that is aware of its own becoming. Just a machine.

Just because we assume our Mother to be a machine doesn't make Her so. We simply cannot abdicate our role in our experience of Truth. Reducing psychic phenomena to physical mechanics wasn't legit back in Newton's day, it still isn't legit.

Reading between the lines, Gen. Hayden says:
The times and circumstances scared us so much we were FORCED to torture, and we'll do it again, because we have no free will, we are simply machines doing as we're programmed (don't look behind the Curtain, nothing to see here).

Don't even try to resist, or our Great Cosmic Machine will deposit you in Guantanamo, and there will be nothing we can do about it, the machine is god.

Such absolute faith in authority is perfectly anti-democratic.

Notice that "only 3 detainees" have been tortured. Not humans. Not people.

They all have 'foreign' names, they don't look at all like WASPs, and they pray to the wrong god. It's not like we tortured real people. Don't worry, it's no one you know.

We hurt the guys who hurt us, therefore we are good.

And that was 5 years ago, ancient history.

HA! See that twitch? An imperfectly inhibited defense reflex.

Here's my translation:
OK, I'm here saying we did to 3 people what I said we never do. But that wasn't a lie. I couldn't tell you, I had no choice. Just like right now, I have no choice, I can't tell what else I'm lying about. My silence is both sacred and patriotic.

And you mustn't prevent me from being able to betray everything we stand for just to go ape on someone who hurt us. You wimps. Only pussies don't torture.

Are we people, endowed with inalienable rights, citizens of a republic? Or just consumers, drones, voting machines on 2 legs?

For the Few, Democracy; for you dogs, Empire

OMG, look at that! PZ is doing exactly the same head shakes etc. that Rice used in lying to Ben-Veniste!

Play them back to back, it's blatantly obvious! You can see the layers peeling back, revealing the grinning ghoul within. He knows we see through his mask.

See how his blinkrate shot up? How he stumbled over the tangled webs of deceit in his mind?

Why would we even suspect that the "anonymous" author of PNAC's National Security Strategy for the United States, who accepted evidence manufactured-to-order by torture, who had multiple conflicts of interest in investigating Rice, wouldn't want the exact facts all to come out? What could he possibly gain from that? It's just a head-shaking mystery to him.

Can't wait to hear Shenon's reply. What, no phone logs AT ALL? Like that's supposed to satisfy us.

He's written about the importance of narratives, of myths, in history. At least the man practices what he preaches: he's trying to machine our experience of Truth by controlling what we know about our own history. This right here is the process of manufacturing consent.

Attempted Zelikowing (emphasis on the OW) often leads to unexpected Gorelicking (go-rel-iking). Zen artists call it the "controlled accident," a term invented by Sabro Hasegawa. Disaster capitalism, as Klein calls it.

The trillion dollar question is: Who set this creative chaos in motion? Brezhinski, Father of the Modern Jihadi Movement? bin Laden, a Muslim who's gone off the reservation? How much push came from which hand of god. Domestic "false flag" human OTHER sacrifice or Imported?

Contrast Our Way (sacrificing other humans) with genuine heroism, human self-sacrifice. No greater gift have We than this: without hesitation to leap from our Vessels so that the Beloved Other may stay in theirs.

Either way, we are both the sufferers, and the cause of the suffering.

"For Athens, democracy; for the rest, Empire." Of course that meant only a small elite of Athenian men. But we're supposed to believe their shit is magically delicious.

Perfume it all you like, Dr. Z: your testimony still smells to High Heaven.