Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speaking of the Unspoken

Will go out on a limb here and guess that you are an academic?
-- peakdavid

Smile when you say that, pal. You're very close: presently, I'm a poet. And a Zen one at that, meaning one who specializes in transmitting 'the lamp of enlightenment' beyond and above, but certainly not without, the written word, the 'Scritptures.'

This is one of the very few comments sections in which I can adequately format one of my best poems. Observe carefully the words in bold: they will transcend the medium in which they appear. exactly as this unspoken voice we all share transcends its medium, exactly as the ringing of a bell or the shining of a lamp transcend also their media.


  • Sound or Divinity, Resounding?

  • How many Buddhists does it take, anyway,
    To make a revolution?

    NONE: change comes from Within. The very same Voice
    That is Now
    composing these thoughts

    Sounds them in your head as you read them.
    So whose's this? Or

    A Silent voice that has always spoken
    Louder, much louder than words.

    Our Voice now sings the Universe Electric. It is
    the stated goal of Western science: to capture this energy in a bottle,
    In a nuclear bomb, for example, or a vial full of a life-saving drug.

    So who's in charge, here? Who's voice is this?

    My Voice? Divinity, resounding, or

    just a machine?

  • dp
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