Saturday, March 21, 2009

Commenting on Glenn Greenwald's Blog, Unclaimed Territory

Psychologists have weaponized psyche. (As harpie, a regular commenter on Glenn Greenwald's blog, and others there, have so amply documented.)

I'm a student of that fair art (I have a BA, not a BS). So what I am doing here is my best to undo what I consider a grave crime against Psyche.

I'm a member of the One Drop Zendo association. There's an ocean in every drop of seawater, right? We are to Psyche what drops are to the ocean. Our nature, Hakuin-zenji wrote, is that of ice and water: apart from water, there is no ice; apart from Psyche, there is no individual awareness.

So every violation of every individual psyche is a violation of that same Psyche we all share. It's most obvious incarnation is this voice you hear in your head. I mean, you can neither predict nor control what words come next, can you? And yet you hear these unspoken words

So whose voice is this?

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