Friday, April 10, 2009

Pentagon's Message Force Multipliers Jacked Us to War

From the Media Matters Archive:

EXCLUSIVE: Military analysts named in Times exposé appeared or were quoted more than 4,500 times on broadcast nets, cables, NPR

On the heels of an April 20 New York Times investigative report exposing the hidden relationship between media military analysts and the Pentagon and defense industries, Media Matters for America today exclusively released an accounting of the analysts identified in the Times exposé and their more than 4,500 appearances and quotations on ABC, ABC News Now, CBS, CBS Radio Network, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News, and NPR. The release documents just how far and wide the Pentagon program reached. Read more

Past Media Matters Research:

ACTION: Tell the Networks You Deserve Independent Analysts

Press Release: Four-Star Elephant in the (News)room

Military analysts named in Times exposé appeared or were quoted more than 4,500 times on broadcast nets, cables, NPR

CNN military analyst Shepperd on trip to Gitmo: "Did we drink the government kool-aid? -- of course"

Memo to the media: Have you hosted on air the person who told Rumsfeld at military analyst meeting, "You are the leader. You are our guy"?

Networks again refuse to go on the record about NY Times' military analyst exposé

Networks continue to ignore NY Times' military analyst story, but all find time for Hannah Montana

Networks reportedly refused to appear on PBS' NewsHour to respond to NY Times' military analysts story; several continue blackout

Special Report aired quotes from military analyst Robert Scales -- but has not mentioned he was in Times' exposé on military analysts

Multiple choice: Of the following, which outlet covered two recent major national security stories -- NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS, or ... Comedy Central?

Flashback: Media Matters had previously documented conservative misinformation from military analysts

Online Response:

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Salon - Glenn Greenwald: Joe Galloway blasts Pentagon and Larry Di Rita on "military analyst" claims (May 15, 2008)

Mediabistro - FishbowlNY: Everyone But the Networks Seem to be Talking About that NYT's Military Analyst Story (May 14, 2008)

Mediabistro - TVNewser: Examining the NYT's "Examination" (May 14, 2008)

Crooks and Liars: Military analysts named in Times Report appeared or were quoted more than 4,500 times on broadcast nets, cables, NPR

The Huffington Post: Pentagon "Media Analysts" Appeared on Major Networks or Were Quoted More Than 4,500 Times

The Politico: 4,500 times

The Carpetbagger Report: Pentagon Pundit propaganda produces political peril

Editor & Publisher: MM: Military Analysts Named by 'Times' Got on the Air 4,500-Plus Times

Open Left: Opening the Day: Obama to Get Crushed in W Virginia

Suburban Guerilla: 4500

Think Progress: Media quoted 'military analysts' over 4,500 times since 2002.

Eschaton: 4500+

Minnesota Monitor: Media Monitor: O'Reilly remixed (and more)

Democrashield: What Liberal Media?

DemocraticUnderground: Military analysts in NYT expose appeared or quoted 4,500 times on broadcast, cable, NPR

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