Friday, January 30, 2009

Even-Handedness is the Order of Our Day

[[[Full-Spectrum Dominance / Our Common Weal///[[[{{{Dissent}}}]]]]]]
In this case, the generic formula reads: Full-spectrum dominance over our common weal based on suppression of bloody bold dissent

  • % Our patriarchal cult of kinetic power
  • % Closed society: Us vs. Them
  • % Fear and Control: manipulating the media narrative aka myth-jacking
  • % Absolute dualism enforced with kinetic violence
  • % Cosmos as construct
  • % Moves like a trebuchet or ratchet (boom & bust cycles)

  • beloved/[{UNION}]/Beloved
    In every case: In Union We Trust

  • % Our more perfect Union
  • % Open society; this, our body politic
  • % Empathy and mutual respect; sharing being aware of our shared narrative of our shared becoming
  • % Non-dualism expressed kenotically
  • % Cosmos as organism
  • % Spins like a wheel; the Dao; dharmadhattu; the way the world self-empties into itself, "whereby Spring comes and grass grows by itself."

  • I bow in your virtual directions,

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