Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Fix Is In The Myth

HA! Sister Alice Walker said it even as I was trying to unfreeze Firefox: the imagery was entirely patriarchal. "I'd like to have seen a mother-father god," she said, instead of just the patriarchal god alone.

That's the thing about this monotheistic god of the West: it's a deification of being a cosmic pinhead. It's a dick thing.

Listen to Warren, to the oaths, to the oddly truncated history Obama reviews wherein "44 Americans have taken the oath of office," entirely eliding their extreme homogeneity: 100% rich white male Christian Imperialists [have preceded him]. He invokes the ghosts of the Revolutionary War, then skips clean over every other ghost up until the 20th century. What's up with that?

Obama closes the circuit by invoking our Father again, only this time, it's our political god in Washington, not Heaven: General George Washington. So we have god the all powerful tyrant-creator, sole authority over all, nicely conflated with the founding fathers of our country. Thus, Obama is drawing on divine authority for political power.


When the transcript is up, I'll quote Dr. Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, invoking the Old Testament god of ultimate male-only authority.

Rev. Lowry stole the show. I'll update this post with his closing poem.

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