Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Mythopathology In A Nutshell

Permanent Republican dominance of all Temples of Democracy means permanent subjugation for the rest of us.

The White Man's Burden is the effort required to impose this inequity. Going ape on the Filipinos, and then spinning it in explicitly mythological terms, is a classic example of using media to manufacture consent for war.

That method, by which whole nations may be pushed around like cattle, is well known and has been replicated countless times since Hermann Goering announced it in 1934: myth-jacking, as defined on this blog; the state of the Machiavellian political art of misleading whole peoples at a time. How, you ask? Try grabbing them by their mythical metaphors.

Here's the mythos that intends the cosmos that grows the psychos that now grip the "levers of power" like so many leg-humping dogs.

[[Absolute Supremacy]/NO1'S LAND/[{Absolute Subjugation}]]

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