Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Are We So Effed in the Head? We've Been Weaponizing Psyche since the Sixties

Why is society as we know it on the Brink? Well, both here in America and in the labs of our Cold War opponents, we've been weaponizing Psyche since the Sixties, the direct product of machining our own minds, reducing us all to cogs in the Great Cosmic Machine, for centuries now--that's our fundamental, climate-changing problem. "Nature as machine" is the idea that's killing us, making a Frankenstein's monster of our own Mother. Our pointilistic, mechanistic, reductionistic assumptions about the essence of Being are the problem. Last winter, I went mad with the realization that my psychological colleagues, among others, have been weaponizing Psyche.

Worse, I think it is being used deliberately in myth-jacking whole nations to hell, including Us, and I think it traces directly back to lectures by Joseph Campbell at the Foreign Services Institute, beginning in 1957. I'm now certain that even mythology has been weaponized.

Once we dissociate our selves from their very source, our shadows become our foes; this is the lesson of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad as related by that same Joseph Campbell. We then reduce the universe to a machine, and install our war gods permanently at the controls. The whole cosmos is our battlefield to dominate, that's our official policy ("Full Spectrum Dominance" by name).

And that's what this is about: dominance. It's not about the oil. It''s about our access to energy as a measure of our god's blessing. The uncounted multitudes we kill in the process are heaped on our god's altar; the stench is perfume to the noses of many Democrats and Republicans, Zionists and bin Ladenites, alike; the very din of Hell on Earth is music to their ears.

To the lunatic Crusaders still running our show, it's all about dominance: the power to compel tribute or service.

Are we beings, or machines? Have you ever looked up into the night sky, and felt your share of Psyche collapse into a psychic black hole? Well, turn the view around! Basing our concept of the self inside just such a quantum singularity implodes our minds into CELLVES of our own making, from within which we then wage war on all else. This is the psychology of feudalism, not democracy.

And, if true, these are some of the walking wounded: survivors of real-life experiments in psychotropic chemical warfare, as reported by Jeff Stein in CQ (which I found on Ken Silverstein's blog, Washington Babylon); read the whole article.

This was sometime in the very early ’60s, supposedly, a brief period between the end of U-2 overflights and the deployment of spy-in-the-sky satellites.

My friend said his patients described training with drugs and other mind-control techniques to perform the mission — then forget them, like the Manchurian Candidate.

But now they were remembering fragments, they told him, giving them terrifying nightmares about things they could not quite believe they had done.

They thought they were losing their minds. So did any loved ones who they dared tell their looney-sounding tunes to.

But this being America, of course, they — and other self-described victims of CIA mind control experiments — formed self-help groups. And for several years, it turns out, they have been holding yearly conferences, like one just outside Hartford, Conn., next month.

“About a hundred” people usually show up, says Neil Brick , coordinator of “The Eleventh Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference.”

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