Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hell on Earth for the Many, Heaven for Just The Right People

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour from huffpost on Vimeo.

Bravo Max Blumenthal! Why don't more American journalists ever even consider mythology as an explanatory framework? "We have to be connected to Israel in order to enjoy the Second Coming," Tom "The Hammer" DeLay says. So no matter the hellish consequences for most of us, no matter how irrational our political economy becomes, that's all to the good. Just so, by the power of myth, war is made into peace.

Isn't it obvious? We do what we do because we imagine the world to be thus and so, not because were are mere cogs in a Baconian-Cartesian-Newtonian-Pavlovian-Freudian-Skinnerian machine. Yet that very same outdated, discredited, mechanistic reduction, yoked in service to our dominant mythos: Life as Holy War, is used to militarize the Commons.

Obtuse enough? Alan Watts calls it "Christian Imperialism." and very rightly so. Why don't analysts ever put our political actions in their mythic context?
All of this nonsense depends on the assumption of a self or soul apart from its own source. Hell on Earth is OK with most people, as long as they are promised to be in the Heaven for the Few.

We also believe that we are the masters of the Great Cosmic Machine: constrained by mathematics and physics but answerable to NO1. In the manner recommended by Hermann Goering, our leaders conflate themselves with NO1, portraying themselves as the only true agents of the Master of the Universe. To oppose the US and Israel, then, is to oppose both God and the natural laws he pronounces. The Other Party is believed to be the agents of the E-vil One. So it's not just OK to make war on your neighbors of differing opinions and beliefs, it's your sacred duty. You're with us, or against us, remember?

For Christian Imperialists, language and science are instruments of this machine, and the Machine is an instrument of God's will as they see it, which of course is indistinguishable from their interests, seeing as how we humans project ourselves outward in creating gods to begin with. Our gods are our selves writ large.

So Karl Rove, for example, has not done what he's done "for pure politics," as Paul Alexander said in his interview with Scott Horton. He's a Holy Warrior in God's Own Holy War, advancing the Day of Reckoning when all us Others will be cast into Hell, as if Rovian Republicans hadn't done that already, and the Chosen Very Very Very Few will ascend to Heaven.

Rove isn't as outrageous as Hagee, but both believe in the same basic timeline: sooner or later, all our enemies will be wiped out and we'll enjoy heaven without them forever. The same cosmogenic mythos inspires Bushites and bin Ladenites alike.

[Absolute Supremacy / THE COMMON WEAL, HEAVEN ON EARTH///[[[Absolute Subjugation]]]

The slashes and brackets represent all the Walls of Denial, all the shields and armour and callouses and defenses, that we hide behind, esp. those we hide behind from within. Substitute any Dominant-Submissive pair you like.

Compare that with the kernel of a more perfect Union:


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