Monday, March 10, 2008

Abortion foes plant flag of Western Patriarchy up inside Gaia's inner sanctum

Dearly beloved,
In pursuit of their own goals, no absolute boundary is recognized: they're charging right up inside Gaia Herself, to plant the legalistic lever of their mechanistic Law in the most fertile of Fertiles.

Out ahead of themselves, they project a Wall of Denial, too high/wide/deep for any Bad to get through; a mythosociopsychic bulldozer blade, the cutting edge of Western Patriarchy; with a sound-proof, air-conditioned, doppleganger-designed interior! aka the War Room. The War Rooms are inside their heads! It's peaceful here. Reminds me of a Kerouac haiku.

Useless! Useless!
Heavy rain falls
Into the Sea

--Jack Kerouac

When water
pours into Water
what is There to get wet?

Mythology is to Religion as Operating System is to Application. The present dominant mythos defines us as essentially CELLf-imprisoned quantum singularities of pure pain in an egocentric cosmos compounded of good and evil with an absolute and eternal divide between us and the Beloved. Is it any wonder that we have more people in brick & mortar prisons than everyone else?

Gitmo is being used to learn how to smash the human psyche, clear the ground, and rebuild to suit new owner. We're being machined on the absolutely most fundamental level.

The best way to comprehend our fellow Americans in their militaristic madness, is "Life as Holy Warriors." They're not kidding. Only religious zeal and fervor could account for the $3 trillion War of the Centuries. Data won't do it: reading a legal brief in the court of public opinion right now is like reading ingredients to the starving. Don't get me wrong: if he wasn't a McCain supporter, I might hero-worship Scott Horton; as it is, I love him like a brother who listens to music painful to my ears.

I take it as a personal challenge to awaken America. It's put up or shut up time for poets.

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