Sunday, March 9, 2008

See hear BG T. Hartmann impersonate NO 1

Pentagon Seeks Death Penalty in 9/11 Cases

In Washington, Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann, appearing in the storied role of NO 1, announced the filing of capital charges against six Guantanamo prisoners Monday [February 11) for their alleged roles in the 9/11 attacks. NO 1 drilled it into the audience: NO 1 intends to kill these men, our kin, on the say-so of secret evidence in secret courts. NO 1 but NO 1 could see the blood on NO 1's hands at the time!


From an e-mail sent that day, with revised & extended remarks:

He reads that statement as if directing live fire at the room.

Here's the trick:
The role of NO 1 is being played by Brig. Gen. T. Hartman:
We men say, in our Sunday-best voices: We are not a nation of men; we are a nation of laws made by wee men. That's different. When I wear this costume, stand at this pulpit, and speak like this, you all just believe what I say, and no one you know gets hurt.

We are not men, we are makers of law. This is the chamber where law is made. You will accept the product of this chamber as Law. You have no choice. You're just a voting machine on 2 legs. Do as you're told, especially when NO 1 comes right out and says it like this.

We stole the insignia of office, so why should the Law stop us from putting the fear of Gitmo into everyone with them?
Discovery Channel has, of course, inadvertently given Gibney's film the highest possible honor. Now the story of Dilawar's myth-jacking speaks in this Louder Voice.

These are absolute divine right royalists and positivists: they're terrified of the Line and The Other Side. They're using the nuclear arsenal of the United States to silence the voices in their heads. Which only makes them Fear louder. And so on.

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