Sunday, March 23, 2008

You Just Can't Quit Mother Nature

Whence come human events? How is this {self-filling/self-emptying} trick working right now, dearly beloved? How is the inchoate meaning I intuit making its way from here to where you now become aware of it?

Hint: 2 word answer

The venerable former senator from South Dakota, George McGovern, after inartfully ticking off talking points, suddenly compares Spitzer's Fall to King David's murder of a lieutentant, by sending him to the front lines, as a ploy to bed the dead man's wife. A surprised Amy Goodman asks bluntly if he's making that comparison. "Yeah I am." He goes on to emphasize contrition and asking forgiveness as lessons that make for greatness in men like King David and Governor Spitzer.

See! That's exactly what I'm on about! You don't have to be a student of comparative mythology to see the obvious conflation of personal, political, and spiritual Fathers.

He uses the same term, "battle," to refer to actual warfare ("battlefront") and political campaigns "("battling," "battle"). With all due respect for his sincerity, McGovern's conception of Life as Holy War and his political cosmology (Creator/God/King/Priest/General/Man among men rules by force applied from without) are precisely the problem with so-called Western Civilization in general.

The Commons is a battlefield when you conceive of Life as Holy War between your own Better Halves.

Despite millenia of overt efforts to write Her out of the script, you just can't quit Mother Nature.

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