Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bodhisattva's Vow: "So we would all Go, not just I." --Margaret Roberts

Word for word, that's the Bodhisattva vow: not to enter Nirvana unless one/1/I can take every one/1/I else along. Amen, Sister Margaret! See her transform into Kali when circumstances draw that out of her, a merciful killer. When we cut weeds, they become fertilizer, sonomama; where is the cruelty? That Life lives on Life is the tragicomic pivot of Being Aware of Becoming.

Rev. Tom Davis defined Living as Loving, it was the first thing he said. Contrast these statements of identity with Suffering and the Sufferer with our foreign policy: "full spectrum dominance." That's Fear talking!

Militarists make the fundamental mistake of trying to use mechanical tools on a mythosociopsychic problem: Justice. You can't machine Justice, despite what that triple monster, Karl Rove alias Grendel alias Moby Dick alias Lord Voldemort, thinks. He really thinks he's invisible!

Deep within every mythos, usually in the mystics, is the same Truth: I am She as She is Me and We are All Together! Jesus was crucified for saying what the scriptures themselves say, but a small group of militaristic madmen demanded a monopoly on all the proceeds of Life. Way way back when, we got Fooled out of our inalienable birthright.

The Myth-Jacking Trick: an epistemological trompe l'oeuil of the the Inner Eye

[(Absolute Supremacy) /No 1's Land/ (Absolute Subjugation)]

This is the Secret of the Two Partners, perverted to private gain. Instead of teaching us that we all share in the divinity of Being Aware of Becoming, a moat is drawn around the divine, /No 1's Land/. No joining, no communion, no Flow. NO 1 has the gall to come right out and say, "full spectrum dominance!" NO 1 said to torture our kin.

The disembodied voice of authority, the infamous and storied role of NO 1 in public theater, is substituted for our own experience of Being. Sure, this is useful and necessary; I'm a tutor, the value of teaching isn't lost on me. But whom does that leave ultimately in charge? NO 1! Must I teach what I know to be wrong, just because it's in ink on paper? No, I won't press my neighbor to death under stones or the juggernaut of "national security."

beloved /Union/ Beloved is a more perfect Universe, a cosmos of bliss, not pain.

O sister my Sister! O brother my Brother! O NO 1 my NO 1! Life is for Loving!

[must be something in that Green Mountain Coffee, WOOHOO!]

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