Thursday, March 27, 2008

Move the numbers and Impersonate NO 1 to Jack the Nation

That was it! @55:00-56:45, describing the sickening deceptiveness of Dick Cheney's declaration of "success" in Iraq, Patrick Cockburn nails it, but I doubt he's thinking of Iraq in mythosociopsychological terms like yours truly.

OK, two myths, two cosmologies: 1) The Imperturbable Cosmic Math, Answerable to NO 1; A) Being Aware of Becoming. The switch that took place millenia ago: move the numbers, impersonate NO 1, jack the nation!

We first hear of it in Egypt: The Secret of the Two Partners. We're supposed to be learning how we're all Being Eternity while Becoming Space/Time. Instead, these very cisterna mystica are stolen right out from within us, and replaced with mechanical receptacles of whatever it is our dear herdsmen feel like pumping us with today.

For example, just what in Earth is "non-dairy creamer?" Telling me "it's not torture" doesn't tell me what it is, AND it shoves a stiffarm in my face saying, "trust me."

[(Our unassailable standard of Living) //NO 1's Land, aka the atmosphere// (Greenhouse Gas emissions)] = Our Chilean kin blinded and cancer-ridden as a direct result, as if we each reached out and put out their eyes, declaring it finger-lickin' good free trade

Reductionism is dead, Stephen Jay Gould said February 19, 2001; with it dies mechanism as a basis for psychology. The social scientists who practice Newtonian psychology as their War on Terror effort are exposed as apprentices to our sorcerers of Death: Cheney, Rove, Zelikow, Clintons both, Carter,...all those who have weaponized myths and religions for breaking human spirits.

The fault is not with these walking talking cisterna mystica. The fault lies with our conception of ourselves: CELLf-imprisoned forever within inescapable egos; when in reality so-called, we are animated planetary {mater + pater rhyming in water}.

Look carefully at the spaces between these words: HA! fooled you, there are not "spaces;" look again, there's only the one background. Look at all the "things" in this cosmos!

Accepting the "life during wartime" framework steps into our opponents cosmos by definition. That's why I love the non-dualism of your slogan, "The War AND Peace report."


Words and spaces;
Silences and sounds;
Absences and


We are more than only rational; we are intuitive as well. In this frameless mind, we are not infinitesimal, insignificant particles; we are all there is, simply becoming from within, as a plant grows from its apical meristems of root and shoot.

Here's a formula for the mythosociopsychology of this, our native cosmos:

beloved /UNION/ Beloved

The motto of this cosmos is:

In Union We Trust!

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