Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Answering David Plouffe's Survey

I'd like to see the end of the influence of the National Security State. I'd like to see the end of politicians like Pelosi and Lieberman, and all the capitulating Dems who have so betrayed the People in favor of power.


I second the call for Progressives to become independent of the Democratic Party. However, I don't want to see us try to out fear-monger the pros. We need to take those seats for ourselves, change the tune from within.

JL isn't the only war-monger being recycled.

"NPR attributed Obama"s reversal on FISA and telecom immunity to ...relying on the advice of John Brennan, an emphatic supporter of these policies."

"Jami Miscik was...the Deputy Director of Intelligence during the run-up to the war and in the immediate postwar period. That was a period of politicized intelligence. That was a period of the corruption of the process. That was a period when all analytic trade craft, all of the rules of analytic trade craft were ignored...."

"And now, for Obama to turn around, put Jami Miscik back in the CIA in transition and Brennan in the transition process, ... you know, you have to wonder, who is Obama relying on for advice on the Washington community?.. [O]bviously, he"s listening to the wrong people." [End Dn!]

Ray McGovern has seen presidents be propagandized with "the particular brand of 'shock and awe' that can be induced by ostensibly sexy intelligence to color reactions of briefees, including presidents. [He has] seen it happen."

Obama is being jacked already by the same people who jacked us into Iraq. Is he aware of this? Is he ok with this?

The need to defeat BushRoveCheneyCo. Make no mistake: I opposed Bush and the NSA. Get rid of Brennan and Miscik and Gorelick et al. Investigate and prosecute human rights violations.

Do not extend the national security state one minute longer than necessary to defeat it.

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