Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello Again, Madame Secretary

I know, I know, she can't or won't answer. And the MFM program is a Pentagon monstrosity. Still, a poet's gotta do what a poet's gotta do.


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Hello again, Madame Secretary.

Who were the NSA moles on Obama's campaign? What have all you State Department "super-delegates" been up to during the campaign?

Has the Message Force Multiplier Program stood down? Are there any other such programs?

I'm holding an autographed copy of Philip Agee's book, _Inside the Company: CIA Diary_. Now I'm holding an autographed copy of John Perkins's book, _Confessions of an Economic Hit Man_. What other domestic black ops are under way?

I know you can't or won't answer, but, as a poet, it's my raison d'etre, to put you on notice: I see through your masks.

Do my career a big favor, will you? Come and get me.

I haven't the least bit of faith in you or any State Department officials. Or Neel Kaskari, for that matter. What a perfect EHM he makes!

You and your cohorts are on the wrong side of history. How are we, the sovereign citizens of this democratic republic, supposed to govern ourselves, if you all deny us the truth of who we are, what we've done, and what we can expect as blowback?

Care to come in from the cold? It's never to late for redemption.

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