Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How the Right is Trying to Jack Us Again

It's our new and improved method for manufacturing consent, to jack to hell whole nations at a time; or just one voting bloc, as Liddy Dole so blatantly tried; and then stick them with the bill.

We've been jacked by the exact same 'fake election' ploy, that we've used all over the world, We're now experiencing 'economic shock therapy.'

RJ Eskow's Halloween '08 article, 100 Million Suspects, speaks directly to my point.
"One candidate represents collaboration, optimism... and yes, "change." The other represents fear and greed, and his campaign reflects the lower-order impulses that have guided his party and given it success. ***They've triggered fear in us so effectively for so long that they can't believe it's not working this time. They're still frantically sending memo after memo to our lizard brains: Khalidi, Ayers, redistribution... be afraid! And the more this old strategem fails, the harder they try."*** (emphasis added)

But how much change does Obama really represent? How much influence will be given those who "work the 'dark side,' if you will," as Cheney chillingly said? Is that even an option--are they already out of our control? I say, the answer is a resounding "duh!"

The national security state is out of our control by definition.

We cannot abide this state-within-a-state, not if we want to determine our path forward for ourselves. Isn't this what the Revolution was all about, the definition of our true nature: subjects of an absolute divine-right monarch? or sovereign citizens of a democratic republic?

Are we machines, controlled and programmed and forced into order by external masters? or are we sharing Being aware of our shared Becoming ***from within***?

In our answering, right here and now, lies our fate.

Unexamined Newtonian Mechanism has completely overtaken our modern thinking. But no less a scientific eminence than the late Stephen Jay Gould, almost 8 years ago, declared reductionism dead, and its attendant Newtonian Mechanism--sire of our demonic economics--along with it.
"From its late 17th century inception in modern form, science has strongly privileged the reductionist mode of thought that breaks overt complexity into constituent parts and then tries to explain the totality by the properties of these parts and simple interactions fully predictable from the parts... The reductionist method works triumphantly for simple systems -- predicting eclipses or the motion of planets ***(but not the histories of their complex surfaces)***...We imagined that, in discovering how to unlock some systems, we had found the key for ***the conquest of all natural phenomena.*** (emphasis added)

It's not about truth, it's Full-Spectrum Dominance.
"WASHINGTON, June 2, 2000 " 'Full-spectrum dominance' is the key term in 'Joint Vision 2020,' the blueprint DoD will follow in the future.

"Joint Vision 2020, released May 30 and signed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Henry Shelton, extends the concept laid out in Joint Vision 2010. Some things will not change. The mission of the U.S. military today and tomorrow is to fight and win the nation's wars. How DoD goes about doing this is 2020's focus.

"Full-spectrum dominance means the ability of U.S. forces, operating alone or with allies, to defeat any adversary and control any situation across the range of military operations."

Can you say, "total war?"

"Economics, as channeled by its popular avatars in media and politics, is the cosmology and the theodicy of our contemporary culture. More than religion itself, more than literature, more than cable television, it is economics that offers the dominant creation narrative of our society, depicting the relation of each of us to the universe we inhabit, the relation of human beings to God. And the story it tells is a marvelous one. In it an enormous multitude of strangers, all individuals, all striving alone, are nevertheless all bound together in a beautiful and natural pattern of existence: the market. This understanding of markets--not as artifacts of human civilization but as phenomena of nature--now serves as the unquestioned foundation of nearly all political and social debate....

"The problem is that the story told by economics simply does not conform to reality."[end Bigelow quote]

Note the unexamined Newtonian Mechanism that informs Free Market dogma. It's a violation of Spirit and Science both. They have no idea what they're talking about, but it sure sounds convincing.
Why was Greenspan so insistent on no regulation? Because he is the hardest of hardcore laissez-faire ideologues, holding a blazing disdain for government. An avowed worshiper of libertarian novelist Ayn Rand, he views public oversight of business as an evil force that deters the creativity of smart elites. He is so psyched by his religious-like faith in the "free market" that he fervently believes in what he considers to be the innate good will and moral superiority of investors and bankers. He asserts that these self-interested individuals can simply be trusted to do the right thing, and that government should not second-guess their decisions." [end Hightower quote]

The mythical free market is a perpetual motion holy war cash machine. The war on terror is today the cash cow that the Crusades were in Medieval Europe. Hightower's outstanding essay is a catalog of zealots and fanatics, social Darwinists all, with their mechanistic rhetoric ('leverage' being the most telling example) and idolatry of competition.

Our intentions materialize our realities. My intentions are materializing these words. Without their ever being spoken, o reader my Reader, you hear them within you.

The intentions of McCain/Palin realized the threats on Obama's patriotism, faith, and person. The intentions of the Free Marketeers realized the collapse of our shared economy.

As a poet, I reject this horrible inheritance. We are not "just particles" not slaves on the plantation of someone else’s gods; not the creatures of the absolute tyrant-Creator of the universe.

We are KIN. We are divine vessels of a divine flow. We are in a Waste Land that may already be flushing us out of our Mother.

To release our selves from our hellish cellves, we can only do it the very same way all beings grow: from within!

What do I recommend?

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