Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Not the Economy, It's the Mythology!

Count me among the 47 million, who have some insurance but can't pay our medical bills.

I cut my hand with a table-saw and BAM! 7 grand in the hole, just like that.

I've read that some Wall Street execs get $35K an hour. How can one person possibly add that much value to the world every hour?

Obviously, it's not about human values, only about how much energy you can sequester, as measured in dollars. The term I was taught for this is "social Darwinism." Greenspan's ideology, his religious belief in the infallibility of mythical free markets, has delivered us into this Waste Land.

Until we experience a collective epiphany, that we are beings, not machines, and start acting like the divine vessels of the divine flow that we are, I see us wandering in this Waste Land forever.

It's not the economy, It's the mythology! The power of myth is that it shapes the cosmos in which we enact the theater of life. Acting within the same mythos that intended the Newtonian cosmos that grew the social Darwinian psychos who drove us into this catastrophe won't get us any nearer to the Promised Land.

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