Thursday, February 7, 2008

@46:30 Dr. Z Can't Add 2 + 2 and get 4

Ratner expresses his surprise to hear Zelikow say we can't assume evidence from the interrogations was torture.

Ratner: "Can I say it 100% ? No."

He goes on to utterly demolish Zelikow's story, demonstrating that anyone who can do 1st grade math can add this up. Oh, and need to be able to do something Zelikow and other authoritarian royal pains in the ass can't do: think for yourself.

| [ 2 (Report Relies on Interrogations of KSM et al.)]
|+[2 (Hayden says, yes, we tortured those very people by waterboarding.)]
| 4!

Ratner: "You get 4."
Zelikow: "[Ratner] doesn't know that, we don't know that, NO 1 knows that."

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