Thursday, February 7, 2008

For the Few, Democracy; for you dogs, Empire

OMG, look at that! PZ is doing exactly the same head shakes etc. that Rice used in lying to Ben-Veniste!

Play them back to back, it's blatantly obvious! You can see the layers peeling back, revealing the grinning ghoul within. He knows we see through his mask.

See how his blinkrate shot up? How he stumbled over the tangled webs of deceit in his mind?

Why would we even suspect that the "anonymous" author of PNAC's National Security Strategy for the United States, who accepted evidence manufactured-to-order by torture, who had multiple conflicts of interest in investigating Rice, wouldn't want the exact facts all to come out? What could he possibly gain from that? It's just a head-shaking mystery to him.

Can't wait to hear Shenon's reply. What, no phone logs AT ALL? Like that's supposed to satisfy us.

He's written about the importance of narratives, of myths, in history. At least the man practices what he preaches: he's trying to machine our experience of Truth by controlling what we know about our own history. This right here is the process of manufacturing consent.

Attempted Zelikowing (emphasis on the OW) often leads to unexpected Gorelicking (go-rel-iking). Zen artists call it the "controlled accident," a term invented by Sabro Hasegawa. Disaster capitalism, as Klein calls it.

The trillion dollar question is: Who set this creative chaos in motion? Brezhinski, Father of the Modern Jihadi Movement? bin Laden, a Muslim who's gone off the reservation? How much push came from which hand of god. Domestic "false flag" human OTHER sacrifice or Imported?

Contrast Our Way (sacrificing other humans) with genuine heroism, human self-sacrifice. No greater gift have We than this: without hesitation to leap from our Vessels so that the Beloved Other may stay in theirs.

Either way, we are both the sufferers, and the cause of the suffering.

"For Athens, democracy; for the rest, Empire." Of course that meant only a small elite of Athenian men. But we're supposed to believe their shit is magically delicious.

Perfume it all you like, Dr. Z: your testimony still smells to High Heaven.

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