Thursday, February 7, 2008

@47:30 Zelikow Learns His Farts Do Stink


The Mysterious Dr.Z: What do you mean, my farts stink? I have reports from CIA that say they don't, and now CIA is under criminal investigation, so even if I do stink, which of course I suspected, why didn't CIA tell me?


DN!: Did you ask them?

Philip Zelikow: "Um, I did not, but that wasn't uh, I wasn't the person who was pushing the issue directly with Tenet. That was more the job of my bosses on the commission, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton and other commissioners. Um, it was...." he continues, looking away, then snap! "I'm sorry," he humbly replies with school-boy charm.

He's XO of the BushCo damage control team, so what's he do about being stonewalled by CIA? He complains vociferously in writiing, but not a peep in person? Isn't that the Conyers & Leahy Show?

No, he says, that was the duty of his bosses, Kain&Hamilton, the two-headed bipartisan hydra. Look, he asked CIA lots of questions. In writing. Now the Bush Justice Department is investigating CIA, presumably for being such poor correspondents. I'm sure Conyers & Leahy will be shocked.

Zelikow said
, one "can only assume that they had something they wished to UH something they didn't want the commission to know."

How could poor Zelikow know that his shit stinks? You don't seriously expect him
to trust his own senses, do you? That would be madness!

Does he have McCain Syndrome: A willful ignorance of one's own Shadow? Absolute faith in authorities is so unbecoming of a "scholar."

He hasn't just been read into the program,
he wrote it! (Project for a New American Century's infamous National Security Strategy for the United States, 2002, implemented in toto by BushCo because they produced it.)

His "truth" is like Huckabee's political economy: there's Our Truth, and Not Theirs.

Why do we tolerate this?
American Exceptionalism says, America is god's favorite country. And ours is the one and only god. God has designated certain people with divine authority to manage his plantation; the rest of us born to be slaves. You can eat shit and die, not necessarily in that order.

Many white supremacists call blacks "mud people." Since they can't blush in the face, they don't have the breath of god, so they're obviously subhuman. The KKK has the wildest epithet I've ever heard: "Seed of Satan anti-Christ Jews." Retired Floridians gone bad?

THE EMPIRE: We have truth; you don't. We are the authorities (never mind that we stole the insignia of office), you're not. Get back in line, worm! Who you gonna believe, your Daddy or your lying eyes? Don't you know we're at war?

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