Thursday, February 7, 2008

See Dr. Z Cite The Devil, In Writing, Proving He's Telling the Truth

A-ha! Got it, here it is. The Buddha said, Humanity is impaled on the two horns of the same bull: 'is,' and 'is not.' The American people are impaled on the two horns of the same bull: 'Party A,' and 'Party B.'

Why wouldn't people who would invade an entire foreign country not also infiltrate Parties here at home? Why would the NSC allow "unregulated" actors on its home turf? Who among the two Parties are the national-security state moles?

Here's how to keep the Genie in the bipartisan bottle. This is a primer in myth-jacking by the master! Electrifying.

PZ keeps pointing to Democratic Party-vetted people to bolster his argument with "bipartisanship," even though Lee Hamilton still has the stench of our Central American massacres. We're expected to have forgotten that like Zelikow seems to have.

A Lie/Lie is NOT the same as Truth/Truth. His witnesses have 0 credibly, he cannot base anything on their honesty, since, like his phone logs, they have none.

Howard Zinn defines Art as, "A lie that tells a Truth." No one mistakes paintings for photographs. Well, then there are those who place absolute faith in authority. These people will see and believe what they are told to by the nearest Authority.

These people are deliberately using lies about massacres to weave a false mythology. All myths originate in stories of Death and Sex leading to Food and Life.

The Horror of Klein's Shock Doctrine is their way of initializing the polity for myth-jacking. They boot us into Safe Mode, back to the Stone Age, play god, then expect us to eat shit and die while they live on the fat of our Sacrifice. Making the enslaved pay for their enslavement is their idea of a good economy.

This sounds like the mythology and cosmology of divine right royalists, not democrats.

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