Friday, February 22, 2008

@52:30-58:38 See hear Samantha Power do the King Minos Hula

Hey! We hear violence! taste tears! smell blood. Something wicked has just passed. Did Uncle Sam the Magician just quickly move his hands? Or has he been moving his hands this whole time? And no fair blaming the mad dogs of war you yourself trained and fed your own Hand.

Samantha Power told the legend of King Minos: he hoarded a gift from the gods, it really screwed things up, then he learned to BE THE FLOW, THERE IS ONLY THIS FLOWING.

Yes, King Minos, he of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth and all that. The story she just told, complete with eloquent body language, is expressed in countless myths!

OMG! A lady's handbag, a curtain, this is the stuff of which Legends are made. Sergio Viera del Mello was pinned to The Rock, Crucified for 3 excruciating hours. But he was there to pull out of The River babies thrown in upstream by US. Who's throwing babies in The River? WE ARE!

Watch Samantha Power pantomime what happens to those who try to hoard The Flow, she does a perfect "hula dance" (and I mean that in all respect) when she's talking of Sergio Viera del Mello's experience as a demi-god of the whole planet. Self-emptying vessels are the fundamental Vehicles, Cells, Magic Carpets of Life, of this Being Aware of our own Awareness,

into which this experience I am pouring (my fingers dance over the keyboard in slanting dawn sunlight like balding tarantulas, casting shadows of mythic proportions),

from which this Awareness of Becoming is arising ( ! )

and out of which We are Flowing
Mater and Pater rhyming in

'The only safe place, from The Storm, is WITHIN! The only safe place, from a juggernaut, is Aboard!' Says who? You don't steer juggernauts, you don't overpower them. First, you sidestep them, then QUIT BUILDING THEM!

Can we jump the juggernaut of nuclear power? No, the waste is permanently lethal. Don't make any is the only solution. Etc.

Uh, where am I? Oh yeah: Why was Samantha Power so focused only on the issue from the as-yet undefined Vessel we all genuinely are within? And she skips the whole process of going to war, myth-jacking, with a statistical phrase: "overdetermined." How did we get here?

We have as yet to properly perceive and appreciate the Flow we're in, seeing as we've been imagining ourselves to be Aboveground Submariners, Astronauts in Inner Space, since we fell in love with

these very cisterna mystica

back in the Sumerian days of inventing maps and maths and all.

We are Flowing, Aware of its own Flowing! The Mechanists are little tiny weemen who envy canine flexibility as they yearn to turn about and try to swallow their own Source Flow. POP goes the weasel!

More on McCain later. Maybe that explains those bizarre jowls. Get Lieberman, Specter, and McCain in one room and see what I mean!

One of the Hindu demons tried that. I think it was Indra who burst that infernal Bubble. And then Indra, the silly djinn, assumed to himself all Good. POP goes the Indra!

Our mythos, tragically, is unearthly in its cosmology, insisting on eternal life for itself and eternal damnation for Them.

Western Patriarchy, of which I speak from within, = [(absolute supremacy)] / (absolute subjugation) = sucks to be you!

Some deal we offer. And notice how WP uses legal mechanisms and mechanical receptacles in place of cisterna mystica. Treaties are Deathtraps for extracting value from god-forsaken Mater.

See what I'm doing? Boost your analysis up a quantum level, from mechanical vivisecting to Being all that you truly Are. Look up inside our Mind and tell me what you See.

Look at supranormal stimuli as icons on the Control Panel of our collective unconscious. I, Robot and The Matrix offer us far more seaworthy metaphors than the crappy crafts we board in high school, eh sisters and brothers?




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