Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Killing (HOSTS / THEIR) innocent civilians in the name of attacking those who kill (ANY / OUR) innocent civilians?

Rigged trials? Lies about massacres? Killing hosts of innocent civilians in the name of attacking those who kill innocent civilians?


A metaphor is a vehicle for going from ignorance to Enlightenment; a myth is a metaphor; thus, to Hijack Catastrophe, to Promote Disaster Capitalism, MYTH-JACKING is the state of the art in the manufacture of consent.

Let's zoom out and get a look at the Big Picture (fear not: I'm a poet, I'm licensed to fly this thing).

Way beyond the Time Horizon, we are Space, the Void, pregnant with potential. Round about 15 billion years ago, the Big Release expressed us all. About 4 billion years ago, this Body took shape. Let's call Her Gaia.

"[Gaia] peoples like an apple tree apples," to very slightly paraphrase Alan Watts. We are all common offspring of a common mother. The Painted Caves of Europe functioned as living cathedrals of Gaia's own womb for 20,000 years.

From out of the Womb, we Arise, we flourish, we diminish, and we flow back into the Womb through the tomb, to start all over again; WE FLOW.

Sadly, along with the boons of the advent of maths, maps, and these mystic vessels we call 'words,' the greatest tragedy ever has taken place:

We are seduced into trading these self-filling / self-emptying Mystic Vessels, for mere mechanical receptacles (see also Maestro Will Smith et al. in I, Robot ).

Looking at these (squiggly shapes on a contrasting backgrUnd) releases the experience I am pouring in, which mystery the Greeks call kenosis, and involves ALL aspects of it (filling, the vessel, emptying, arising, etc.), not just 1 or The Other.

Try looking into these very spaces and see what happens. Stops you from reading, huh? But you can't help it, can you? you can't help overlooking these very spaces, if you want to Drink from these very Mystic Vessels.

What's this got to do with Gitmo? I'm glad I asked.

As well as an out-of-work poet (is there any other kind? seriously! I need work) I'm also a grad student of research psychology.

Gitmo shows the absolute horror of the Mechanistic Cosmos. What are we doing to those people, our kin? Same thing we're doing to all of us:


(This is also known as Buddha's First Noble Truth.)

The APA deliberately chose Newtonian mechanics as its model for Psychology, a mistake Robert Oppenheimer warned them not to make. Newtonian mechanics is based on a point particle.

Thus, we collapse Psyche into quantum singularities of Pain, and then seek to preserve that false and inverted condition as the basis of awareness itself.

Psychology as we know it is a Frankenstein's monster; so is society as we know it.

Gitmo shows it.

Jose Padilla and the Gitmo Prisoners are being installed as icons for crowd control on the Control Panels of our collective unconscious. Making the enslaved pay for their enslavement, making prisoners imprison themselves, is the State of the Art in the manufacture of consent.

Where were you when Kennedy's head was rung like a bell by bullets from the same cattle prod that rang Dr. King's bell? Where were you on 9/11?

Where will you be when the next Shock comes?

They're using The Shock Doctrine, as brilliantly expounded by a genuine Promethean Sister, Naomi Klein, like a cattle prod. Gitmo is an attempt to show us all what happens when we step out of their line, and into our lives.

Our society offers up Deathtraps, like Gitmo, the SuperDome and those mobile FEMA gas chambers, as shelter from the Storm. There can be no acquitals? This is our method of human sacrifice on industrial scales.

How's this for a plot twist: Uncle Sam spares their lives, instead only imprisoning them forever. How kind, like the Saudi king who "spared" that woman from 200 lashes.

They're using mythic images and narratives, humanity's own greatest boons, as BRANDING IRONS and RAZOR WIRE, literally pushing us around like cattle.

But there is Release! from this word-bound Deathtrap; we all are Flowing Through. Another Promethean Sister, Eve Ensler, is going to supercharge the SuperDome, that Super Cisterna Mystica, like Gaia's own volcanic vagina. All males are advised to evacuate the area!

Bottom Line

This is the dawning of a new era in Psychology. Here are three formulas that express 1) Western Patriarchy's Idea of the Good Life; 2) The Flow; and 3) The Proper Basis for Being.


This reduces to (infinity / zero). That's not even a whole number! let alone a basis for genuine civil society. McCain Said: "Peace through overwhelming strength." Fraidy cat!

2) {(vessel) + (Flow)} = BAM!bino

Where does the sound of this unspoken Voice come from?*



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