Thursday, February 7, 2008

See here! Mysticism is NOT a Dirty Word

Democracy Now! Thursday 07 February 2008

The Maharishi school of MANAGEMENT? WTF?

Someone please tell John Hagelin that the Maharishi himself was a mystic.

He owes Jesus, Buddha, Joan of Arc, the Maharishi, and all other mystics an apology! Mysticism is not a dirty word. Mysticism is a rationalist's way of saying, the boogeyman under my bed. What makes rationalists assume that a ratio of Beloved/Beloved, generating this self-evident Awareness of our own Becoming, is amenable to Newton's methods? There's nothing "mystical" in this Voice that resounds in all heads, that is aware of its own becoming. Just a machine.

Just because we assume our Mother to be a machine doesn't make Her so. We simply cannot abdicate our role in our experience of Truth. Reducing psychic phenomena to physical mechanics wasn't legit back in Newton's day, it still isn't legit.

Reading between the lines, Gen. Hayden says:
The times and circumstances scared us so much we were FORCED to torture, and we'll do it again, because we have no free will, we are simply machines doing as we're programmed (don't look behind the Curtain, nothing to see here).

Don't even try to resist, or our Great Cosmic Machine will deposit you in Guantanamo, and there will be nothing we can do about it, the machine is god.

Such absolute faith in authority is perfectly anti-democratic.

Notice that "only 3 detainees" have been tortured. Not humans. Not people.

They all have 'foreign' names, they don't look at all like WASPs, and they pray to the wrong god. It's not like we tortured real people. Don't worry, it's no one you know.

We hurt the guys who hurt us, therefore we are good.

And that was 5 years ago, ancient history.

HA! See that twitch? An imperfectly inhibited defense reflex.

Here's my translation:
OK, I'm here saying we did to 3 people what I said we never do. But that wasn't a lie. I couldn't tell you, I had no choice. Just like right now, I have no choice, I can't tell what else I'm lying about. My silence is both sacred and patriotic.

And you mustn't prevent me from being able to betray everything we stand for just to go ape on someone who hurt us. You wimps. Only pussies don't torture.

Are we people, endowed with inalienable rights, citizens of a republic? Or just consumers, drones, voting machines on 2 legs?

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