Saturday, October 25, 2008

APA's New Method for Social Engineering?

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WOW! What an incredible resource, thanks for all your work on this.

I have a hunch about Muthee and the whole Spiritual Warfare movement.

The American Psychological Association was the last mental helath group to prohibit its members from participating in cruelty and torture. It took an historic and unprecedented insurgency to force the leadership to change its position. And even then, they were going to slow-walk it to implementation *next year*. In a surprise move, the APA president wrote a letter to Bush, saying, we're outta here.

The hallmark of our torture has been exploiting religious beliefs and personal phobias.

IMO, APA has been learning how to machine the fear of god into subjects, the better to predict and control their behavior. I suspect Muthee and the Spiritual Warfare movement are field trials for our new method of social engineering

In the 50s and 60s, the extreme far-right undertook a deliberate process of transferring "economic shock therapy" to Latin America in the context of a global holy war. I suspect a similar effort is underway, to weaponize the "fear of god," and use it to jack and stack electoral bodies.

Posted 12:11 PM on 10/25/2008

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