Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is this Our APA-Approved Method for Manufacturing Consent?

"It was positively Pavlovian."
YES! It was the work of our APA-approved method for manufacturing consent. It looks to me like the preferred method of this wing of the Republicans since they jacked Chile. The Cuban Missile Crisis, really must've twisted their psyches. Cheney reacts to every threat by going nuclear, whether it be in the Congress or with weapons-grade scare tactics right here at home. "He is not a man who sees America like you and do...." That's weapons-grade propaganda.

I'd like to introduce to the world the work of Pavlov's immediate successor, Yevgeny Sokolov. In the very same lab, Sokolov developed the theory of the neuronal model of stimuli, the moving, multidimensional holographs in the theater of mind.

This is a pivotal event. The Fear-Mongers have so overplayed their hand, every move they make backfires even as they make it.

Whence come these tactics? What' has been APA's role? And our academics? Ever since the Friedman days at University of Chicago, this wing has deliberately been using the atavistic methods of cruelty and torture, at all levels, to machine the world into Plantation America. How did it happen? how is it happening now?

I want to thank you, o sister my Sister Arianna, for being the fearless Greek woman you are. Who better to take on monsters of mythical proportions? I bow in your virtual direction.

Posted 08:17 AM on 10/24/2008

Have we broken the spell of fear? What type of scare tactics will replace them? I don't believe politicians will give up underhanded methods of manipulating us. Will we see a kinder, gentler fear-mongering from Obama and the Democratic Party? Will the Biggest Losers in American History (you know who you are) simply give up and go quietly into that good night?

What methods have they used in Latin America when they're initial power grabs failed? Violent guerilla war, such as the Contras in Nicaragua, and they defied Congress to do it, now a perverted badge of honor among them.

These people are at war with the world, everyone on the outside of the decades of super-duper-extra secret black psy ops. I think they've induced "laboratory psychosis," the chilling phrase Pavlov used when he drove his canine test subjects insane.

They should've known better. But this is the crowd that doesn't believe in warning labels. They wouldn't have read it.

From the Guardian:

"In Minnesota, Bachman's Democratic rival, Elwyn Tinklenberg, had also been regarded as a no-hoper. But since Bachman's remarks about Obama, Tinklenberg has been the beneficiary of a backlash, taking in $1.3m in donations since Friday."

Posted 09:16 AM [ET] on 10/24/2008

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