Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain's Ties to the Violent Right: Why should I care?

[Comment on John Dinges's bombshell story on HuffPo

[Because] he hasn't changed his mind! Kissinger and that whole cabal of neocon crazies advising McCain were directly involved in our jacking of Chile. We supplied the hardware of war, we supplied the lists of supporters of democracy to be rounded up, tortured, and "disappeared." We trained the generals, we provided Pinochet with a complete plan for "economic shock therapy," the original experiment of that horrible method.

Doesn't this make the whole Ayers gambit look like a Karl Rove attack that is now backfiring spectacularly? They tried to make strengths of their weaknesses, and ended up pointing us right to their macabre method.

I nearly fell over when Sister Naomi Klein quoted the former Chile foreign minister in her recent Chicago speech:

"And so, the Chicago Boys were born. And it was considered a success, and the Ford Foundation got in on the funding. And hundreds and hundreds of Latin American students, on full scholarships, came to the University of Chicago in the 1950s and "60s to study here to try to engage in what Juan Gabriel Valdes, Chile"s foreign minister after the dictatorship finally ended, described as a project of deliberate ideological transfer, taking these extreme-right ideas, that were seen as marginal even in the United States, and transplanting them to Latin America. That was his phrase"that is his phrase"

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