Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Obama Hug

"The McCain hug looked as stiff as a puppet show, while the Obama hug looked as natural and graceful as a ballet."
As effortless as waves hugging a shoreline. The shore, alone, is silent; the wave, alone, is too. Their effortless meeting says, poetry in motion.

Note McCain's attacks on Obama's eloquence. McCain, by contrast, uses words like bullets, message pellets shot at target demographics with the violent intention of forcing the target to change behavior in the desired direction.

Are his words the dice McCain is throwing on the craps table of Life? Does he debate like a brawler, just throwing everything at hand at any perceived weakness? Does this betray the Machine World in which McCain and his advisers live?

The world, they believe, is their god's own device for rewarding and punishing us. Some of us are born to lead; the rest of us are born to slave. The efforts of this wing of the Republicans over the last 50 some years has been a holy war to machine the world into Plantation America.

Devitalized leaders lead people into devitalized lands and times. In the Grail Legend of Wolfram von Eschenbach, we learn that the temple of the Grail is within. There is no mechanical substitute for leading a genuine, vital, truly human life.

I'd say you two are master gardeners in the heartland of love. I bow twice in your mutual direction.

Posted 10:20 AM [ET] on 10/24/2008

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