Saturday, October 25, 2008

Machining Our American Mind with the Myth of the Evil Enemy

Comment on article by Eric Ose: "McCain and Palin Inciting Violence in North Carolina," published in HuffPo October 22, 2008

He needs to make enemies of the people he's going against in order to get fired up," said Hinz.
Thanks for that, it's very crucial to understanding the catastrophe we find ourselves in right now.

McCain is using on himself the same type of propaganda states use to demonize and dehumanize potential foes in war. Standing in a Manichean world gives him the perspective of Cyclops, the one-eyed monster who sees everything only from one side.

McCain believes himself to be a cellf-imprisoned ego. When we look up and believe ourselves to be infinitesimally tiny and insignificant, we implode our psyches into psychic black holes, imprisoning our selves in cellves of our own mistaken making.

From within these painful cellves make war on all else, mistaking everything outside our skin for an absolute Other. But the world outside our skin is where our external organs grow.

"We have to have an enemy," this kind of thinking says. This 'Us vs. Them' line is run through our minds like a stimulant. We fear, then look and point outward. 'War against the Other' is the metaphor we use for everything. It's exciting!

That's where they come up with crazy stuff like, 'Our supporters are the Real humans in the Real America, everyone not sufficiently like us isn't really human, so they must be animals, even devils. Kill them fast before they kill our babies!'

Posted 08:56 AM [ET] on 10/23/2008

Where is some authority to stop this attack on civilized society?"

ANSWER: ou're it! As sovereign citizens of this republic, We need NO1 to assert Our authority. Ans as Odysseues answered Cyclops, I am NO1, and so are you!

This is the novelty of American-style democracy. In a divine right monarchy, the queen is both a human, a person; and a demi-god, a noble. We've removed much of the moarchy from our republic, but not from we humans.

So Walt Whitman said of Abe Lincoln when he was assassinated, "O captain my Captain!" My fellow citizen, my Noble Leader.

I say, we all deserve recognition of our innate divinity. O sister my Sister! O brother my Brother!

In my world, there is no absolute Other, only relatively Beloved. Not mindless competition and antipathy, I say, but heartfelt cooperation and empathy are the natural and proper bases for human social intercourse.

Posted 09:17 AM [ET] on 10/23/2008

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