Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who's In Charge Here Now?

Now that's a perspective fully human, not like the pseudo-scientific babble that passes for analysis these days. No, not just babble, I take that back.

In light of the Pentagon's "message force multiplier" program, not a word of which has ever been corrected, much less retracted, and is operating right now--plz correct me if I'm wrong--I say this medium right here, our shared awareness of growing our shared narrative, has been weaponized and turned against We, the true sovereigns of this Republic.

Here's the proof: the entire McCain/Palin campaign is staffed by the same neocons who brought us Pinochet and a whole legion of dictators, the very same political and economic hit men who oversaw the violent transfer of the Free Market "ideology" of Milton Friedman to SE Asia, Latin America, and now SW Asia.

"Shock and Awe" is how we do it. A physical, psychological, and even spiritual attack by supposedly overwhelming force is supposed to induce "tonic immobility," the condition rape victims know as being scared stiff, and is more generally known as being scared to death.

Freeze, flight, or fight--that's the true order of events when presented with an attack. We are being abused by those who pretend to lead us. There is no salvation in knowingly being led repeatedly to fleecing before slaughter.

Just exactly who is sovereign here? Our hypertrophic 16th century executive? or We, the genuine self-aware people of the 21st century?

Posted 04:05 PM on 10/22/2008

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