Sunday, June 22, 2008

By Arianna Huffington's Shivering Spine!

UPDATE Thursday 26 June 2008: Arianna Huffington has begun FearWatch '08 on her Web site, Huffington Post

From Huffington Post

This week, the dueling parties fell into odious and all-too-familiar patterns. As expected, the GOP, unable to run on its disastrous record, played the fear card. Leaping on Obama's defense of the rule of law (dear god, not that!), the Republicans pulled out their 2004 playbook and opened it to "Scare Tactics." Newt Gingrich said supporting habeas corpus could lead to the obliteration of a U.S. city. Rudy Giuliani (surprise) evoked 9/11 a bunch of times. John Bolton predicted an Obama presidency would lead to more terrorist attacks. And John McCain lapped it up. Buying into the 2004 mindset, House Democrats promptly removed their gonads and capitulated on telecom immunity and Iraq war funding. That, more than the fear-mongering of the right, is what sent a shiver down my spine.

"The reader hardly need be reminded that the images not only of poetry and love but also

of religion and patriotism,
when effec�tive,

are apprehended with actual physical responses: tears, sighs, interior aches, spontaneous groans, cries, bursts of laughter, wrath, and

impulsive deeds. "

[Joseph Campbell. (1968). Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, pp.40-42. New York: Penguin.]

knowBuddhaU See Profile I'm a Fan of knowBuddhaU

Torture by isolation is at the basis of our conception of Being. machine, or growing from within? Is our essence that of a castle, or a growing, living, Being aware of its own Becoming?

When a professor of social psychology dogmatically asserted to me in a type-written letter back in 1980something that "the self/other divide must be maintained," upon what evidence did this assertion rest? None.

No, that"s an outdated and discredited reduction that presumes an absolute dualism that does not obtain.

Can you put your finger on it?. Of what is it made? how does it function? is it permeable, or semi-permeable? since there"s stuff in continuous transport across the divide, isn"t it"s delineation an arbitrary imposition by the observer?

No. This pointilistic conception of Being only imprisons us in CELLVES of our own making, from within which we then wage war on all else. Sounds like feudalism, to me.

From Joseph Campbell's _Primitive Mythology_ :

"Tthe first axiom of all creative art--whether it be in poetry, music, dance, architecture, painting, or sculpture--which is, namely, that art is not, like science, a logic of references but a re�lease from reference and rendition of immediate experience:

a presentation of forms, images, or ideas in such a way that they will communicate, not primarily a thought or even a feeling, but an


We're using an up-to-date Goering Treatment to "manufacture consent," to myth-jack to hell whole nations at a time.

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