Sunday, June 15, 2008

What More Freakin' Evidence Do I Need To Convince You?

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Fleischer Defends the Media
The former White House spokesman says the media were tough on him in the run-up to the Iraq war.
By Dan Froomkin [in his Washington Post blog, White House Watch]

"Like no administration before it, the Bush administration has mastered what the media critic Walter Lippmann called
'the manufacture of consent' -- the use of 'psychological research, coupled with the modern means of communication,' to muster mass support for elite agendas. Staging photo-ops whose choreographed drama and camera-ready visuals ('Mission Accomplished') are intended to play to the emotions and overrule objections; reducing complicated geopolitical issues to black-or-white dualisms (Team America: World Police versus the Axis of Evil!); stonewalling the media, cherry-picking intelligence and parroting Karl Rove-approved talking points -- the Bush administration represents the apotheosis of government by spin control."

Dery writes that "the burgeoning genre of Bush administration tell-alls, of which McClellan's is only the latest, paints a portrait of a White House utterly unconcerned with facts yet fervently attentive to public opinion polls. It is
a White House whose solution to every unhappy turn of events -- the Iraqi insurgency, Hurricane Katrina, a moribund economy -- is to treat it not as a real-world problem requiring a real-world solution but as a glitch in the Matrix, 'a perception problem' to be handled with the Message of the Day and the Theme of the Week."

What more freakin' proof is needed that we're being given the Goering Treatment?

As a poet and student of research psychology, the Message Force Multipliers are spekaing my language. I hear them loud and clear.
Myth-Jack THIS
6/9/2008 3:33:32 PM
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