Monday, June 9, 2008

"I'm not alone in this movement." --Every1 of Us (as embodied by Bill Moyers dn2008-0609 19:25-20:55)

This leaves you with a heavy burden. It is up to you to fight for the freedom that makes all other freedoms possible. In fact, I want to ask you to do something right now. I want you to stand up just a moment. Please, stand up. Now, turn to a neighbor to your left or neighbor to your right. Look that person in the eye. Shake hands. Shake hands, come on. Now turn to the person on the other side. Look that person in the eye. Shake hands.

Now, see? Keep standing. You’re surrounded by kindred spirits. Remember —remember this when you go home and continue the fight.

Hold your neighbors’ presence and this moment in your heart, and keep reminding yourself, “I’m not alone in this movement.”

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