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Releasing Our Selves from Our Hellful Cellves

[Originally posted as a comment on Psyche, Science, and Society 11/27/2007]

knowbuddhau | November 27th, 2007 at 12:05 pm

Dear Friends,
Meet the new Boss
Same as the Old Boss
—The Who

This is a process I poetically call the myth-jacking and gang-raping of Gaia.

We get fooled, again and again, by being mind-f*cked (the impolite phrase for Naomi Klein’s brilliant ’shock doctrine’) into thinking we are only part things that must relate to the Whole via bachelor fathers with terrible tempers and unspoken habits. Our science, psychology, has midwifed this monstrous abuse of being human.

Physicists deliberately chose the absolutely isolated point particle as their fundamental unit. Psychologists, despite Oppenheimer’s 1955 warning to the APA convention, adopted this as our model of the ego.

This implodes our psyches into quantum singularities of pain. We, my friends, are cosmic pinheads. We are imprisoned in cellves of our own making. Torture by isolation isn’t aberrant for us, it’s what we do. Defining our selves as essentially imprisoned is at the root of human suffering.

By reducing us to Newtonian billiard balls, we psychologists sneak our belief system into our science under our priestly white lab coats. For the APA to uphold torture is perfectly in character.

Why was the state of Israel imposed on Palestine as if in a vacuum? Same reason the US was imposed on the Tribes, flaunting treaty after treaty: We exist, They don’t. Extra ecclesiam nulla sallus! Outside the group, there is only Darkness and Evil.

And absent the mythological, our erudition is empty of lived human meaning.

“Moving the goalposts” is how we refer to the fact that we never stop drawing the Line. Define the Other as Out, as Corrupt; shatter Them, digest Them, sh*t Them out; make war; rape pillage and plunder your neighbors, or not just die now, but also suffer eternal torment; make the enslaved pay for their enslavement. Masculine Reason and Intellect are good, feminine Passion and Emotion are evil; yada yada yada.

Rule 0: We are Good, they are Evil; we have souls, they do not. But you won’t hear that from the sensible, respectable, establishmentarians. HRC won’t come right out and say it in public, but We are Good, They are Evil is the subtext of everything she says, just like GWB.

We believe in life as Holy War, not as economics. When BushCo said, we make the reality that others then study and report, this is what they meant. They have usurped control of our most fundamental definitions. The Democrats want to replicate the lucrative methods of the Republicans. Welcome to Plantation America, Inc., v.2.007.

The power of myth is that it shapes the cosmos in which we enact the theater of Life. There is intelligibility to Being, yes; mathematics are true. Our tragic mistake is to allow war gods to remain installed permanently at the controls of the mathematical cosmos.

It is true that the universe is entropine: increases in order involve increases in chaos. Our standard of living is a standard of dying, too. Suffering and bliss are a pair of opposites, we can’t escape that, but the shape of that suffering is up to us. We can choose to address this suffering or that.

The Left clings vainly to its mechanical Momma, Science, as the antidote to Religion. The damnable Democrats put Sanchez up as an alternative voice?! Their approach is to regulate abominations into acceptability. Science has become to the Left what Religion is to the Right: a way of myth-jacking and gang-raping Gaia.

Baconian-Cartesian-Newtonian Science practiced as religion (the “Faith” was kept while princely States warred with the imperial Church) has spawned the little monsters, petro-powered engines, that have given our Mother a fever. Is it the fever before the flow? Is Gaia getting ready to miscarry us? She may be doing so already. Shall we now turn to that same science for a cure?

Even a Goddess has Her periods. Scientists have called them “mass extinctions.”

As a poet, I reject this horrible inheritance. We are not “just particles.” We are not slaves on the plantation of someone
else’s gods. We are not the creatures of the absolute tyrant-Creator of the universe.

We are KIN. We are divine vessels of a divine flow. We are cellf-imprisoned at the behest of priests of war gods who have usurped Truth to themselves alone. We are in a Waste Land that may already be flushing us out of our Mother.

If we are going to release our selves from our hellish cellves, we can only do it from within.

We must rapidly revise our own habits of belief, thought, and speech. We must midwife ourselves in bringing to fruition an organic expression of Being as we side-step our blind war gods and their machines, which have been installed in place of our minds and souls.


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