Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Handle a Myth-Jacking

OK, so I stop poesing about the place, pacing in place, and look to the Guardian to see what's up in the world. Holy EHMs, Batman! This is the proper response to a myth-jacking.

An indigenous Panamanian tribe has driven its king into exile over his approval of a £25m hydro-electric project in its jungle realm.

The Naso tribe, whose millennia-old royal inheritance system is recognised by the state, banished King Tito Santana for opening the kingdom to developers.

"Many of us are opposed to a king who, for us, is selling our society without any thought for tomorrow," Eduardo Santana, a nephew of Tito, told Reuters. The project risked cultural and environmental harm, he said. "We are part of nature and if we do not look after it, who will?"

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