Thursday, October 2, 2008

Word Perfect, my man!

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"The outcome can be anything you want." WORD! This is exactly what Gonzales and Bush did, to get around the Justice Department's refusal to sign off on the wiretapping program.

After Ashcroft's dramatic hospital bed refusal, and Acting AG Comey's steadfastness, Bush and Gonzales resorted to a Soviet-style trick. They simply deleted the line for the Attorney General to sign, and inserted a line for Consigliere Gonzales to sign before printing it. This is Murray Waas on Democracy Now! yesterday October 1, 2008 that I linked to here

And so, what they do the next day is they decide to go ahead with the program without the Attorney General’s signature. And so, what they did is they had a computer-generated copy of this document, and they simply removed the place where the Attorney General should sign and put a line for Alberto Gonzales to sign. And so, Gonzales and the President signed this authorization to continue with this program, despite the fact that their own Justice Department said if they did so, they’d be doing something illegal.

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