Thursday, April 17, 2008

Applying Koestler's Holarchy to Prof. Lessig's "Net Neutrality"; Myth-Making at the World Bank

Round about 14:00, Sister Amy apologizes for having a slight cold, saying, "I hope you'll bear with me." As Luke Skywalker says in my poem O sister my Sister:

My sister is my Princess
For w h o m
I bear all
R R I F E !!!

Perfection is unlovable, Thomas Mann tells us.
Sister Amy sounds very lovable today ;-)


OMGods! Listen to Prof. Lessig and ask yourself, to which Network is he referring? Our
human bioelectric neural nets? or the bioelectronic Internet?

Psychologists call biasing the network in this way "efferent control of afferent stimuli." Our sensory apparatus isn't just sitting here; it hasn't grown in a vacuum, it's going places, doing things.

The shaping of broadcast media to hold the short attention spans of "consumers" -- appetites, not humans -- allows only for the use of our narrow-focus mind. That's the functional equivalent of a modem. The flashes and sounds on our screens grab and hold our attention, right? Even games are advertised as "addictive."

These are mechanical efforts to control us from the Situation Room. A mythical name I would use for the Quantico Circuit: the GodNet, aka NO 1's Land. What used to be called the Commons is now "gov't property, no trespassing."


More later. Including the great interview with Raj Patel yesterday. I nearly dropped dead when he actually said:

And certainly, there’s a sort of myth-making enterprise within the World Bank that everything they were doing was for the benefit of the poor, whether the poor liked it or not.
O brother my Brother, do tell! Seriously, it's wonderful to hear someone whose mythological awareness isn't rooted in junior high.

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