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Bombing of Guernica 27 April 1937

Students looking at Pablo Picasso's Guernica (1937) in the Queen Sofia Museum, Madrid, 1997.

Dominique Faget—AFP/Getty Images

1937: Bombing of Guernica.

During the Spanish Civil War, the Condor Legion of the German air force, supporting the Nationalists, bombed the Basque city of Guernica on this day in 1937, an event memorialized in Pablo Picasso's painting Guernica.

"Guernica; Picasso, Pablo" Encyclopædia Britannica. Standard Edition. Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica, 2008

From Common Dreams February 9, 2003

Published on Sunday, February 9, 2003 by the Toronto Star
The Lessons of Guernica
'Profound symbolism' as U.N. hides Picasso's anti-war masterpiece for Colin Powell's call to arms
Bush's `game over' remark makes it definite: U.S. will attack
by William Walker

UNITED NATIONS—On the second floor of the United Nations building in Manhattan, just outside the Security Council entrance, hangs a seminal piece of 20th-century artwork that offers a graphic and chilling reminder of the horrors of war.

A copy of Picasso's Guernica serves as a mute rebuttal to a pair of pro-war demonstrators calling for U.S. action against Saddam Hussein outside United Nations' headquarters in New York on Wednesday. (Photo/Graham Morrison)
But as U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell sat down last week to deliver an historic speech about why America must go to war with Iraq, Pablo Picasso's Guernica was concealed by a large blue drape.

To twist an old axiom, those who ignore the horrors of history — or cover them up — are doomed to repeat them.

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