Thursday, April 10, 2008

For the Americans, its about Money, not Ideology. --Nir Rosen (c. 17:55 dn2008-0401)

Dear Brother Nir, our money IS our ideology! Being within our mechanistic cosmos, we've become habituated to its noise. We don't hear our Furnaces until they suddenly stop, right?

Our pay = Our control
Our myth = Gaia is a machine
Our method = put the right tokens in the right slots at the right time and BINGO! you can force the machine to feed you and starve everyone else.

Our greatest, most destructive WMD is this: our conflation of our military machine with the Weather. We accomplish this simply by assuming the cosmos to be a machine, at the controls of which our gods are permanently installed and engaged in a Holy War against Them Evil-Doers over There.

Our mythology conceives of life as Holy War. Our cosmology conceives of the physical universe as just a god-forsaken machine, directly answerable to NO 1. Our psychology conceives of us, in this monstrosity of a cosmos, as quantum singularities, the psychic equivalent of misconceived black holes.

For divine right royalists, this is wonderful: a CELLf-imprisoned, remote-controlled populace, not of co-equal vessels of divinity, not even cattle: mere mechanical receptacles.

The Cosmic Math is imperturbable. So all you have to do is convincingly conflate yourself with the Cosmic Math, by forgeries and faked elections -- John Stockwell used to say, "Any number of staged events will do;"-- that is, impersonate NO 1, and you can bring the people to heel, just like Hitler did.

Well meaning or not, our social scientists are machining Us all to Hell! We need to conceive of our mythosociopsychology in organic terms.

Are you a machine, or a Being? How long can you, dearly beloved reader, go without using mechanistic metaphors for living Beings?

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