Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Putting a pack of lies together to get to a truth, to the Truth." --Isabel Allende (dn2008-0407 c.45:00)

WORD! That's Prof. Zinn's definition of Art: that which uses lies to get to the Truth.

And the method of BushRoveCo, the method of Goering, is to use LIES to obscure their crimes, which I suggest we call myth-jacking, the Father of all crimes against humanity.

AMY GOODMAN: Now, this is your fourth memoir. Most people write one. Describe memoir writing for you, what a memoir means to you.

ISABEL ALLENDE: I was trying to explain that writing a novel is putting a pack of lies together to get to a truth, to the Truth. Without that truth, the novel doesn’t work. In a memoir, it works like the other way around. You work with the truth, and then you end up lying, because my version of what happened is different from the version of everybody else in the family, you know. And I don’t talk so much about myself as I do about the rest of them, because everybody has an interesting life. But that is my version of their lives. And sometimes they don’t even recognize themselves in the memoir.

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