Thursday, April 10, 2008

So the Usurpers extorted the NYT, go figure. (Lichtblau, dn2008-0401)

Hey Charlie Brown, hold this football while I kick it through the goalposts of Life! (Exit Lucy with the gate receipts etc., leaving the sap holding the ball he could've just picked up and run with.)

Whodathunkit--the usurpers lied. Poor NYT, they got took. As the great orator said, "Fool me once, won't get fooled again!"

Without ever looking up, without ever questioning the mechanistic Ship of State metaphor as one among many we may choose, we blithely go along for the ride to Hell.

We've conflated eternity with an infinitely large amount of units of time; there are no units in Eternity! We've conflated a mechanistic reduction of Nature with our military machine, treating generals and admirals and ambassadors like meteorologists who can magically manufacture a world of peace with the weapons of war.

Now we have Space Command. Now we want to be able to inflict pain and suffering of mythic proportions anywhere anytime we want, at the push of an innocuous plastic button. The Nazis only myth-jacked the Industrialized World. They didn't succeed in wiring the whole planet "like a ticking time bomb," in Dr. Helen Caldicott's vivid phrase. We've done myth-jacked the world, turning it into the bus in the movie Speed, wired to explode if we slow the juggernaut, thus taking hostage Gaia Herself, and all the children in her womb. We really can kill our Mother, and all our siblings, all our kin, with the mentality that has built our monstrous machines.

Quit the misbegotten Mechanical Cosmos! rebirth yourself as an organic Being, Aware of Eternity even while we are Becoming Space/Time.

How long can you go without using mechanical terms to refer to living Being? There is only one Being, and we're it!

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