Monday, April 21, 2008

Television Functions as Big Brother's Modem

Jan Eliot's comic strip, Stone Soup (4/21/2008), illustrates a thought I shared with a friend just the other day.

Had she said that TVs function as modems instead of magnets, I'd say she was reading my email. I sent her the following note:

I love your strip about TVs and baby brains. I'd say they function more as modems than magnets, though: specifically designed and crafted to override our volition, to push our buttons. Psychology and advertising are twins, esp. here in the US, where PR and psychology have driven each other's research.

The flashes and noises and narratives are all carefully designed to hijack our minds. Remember how we were led to war based on lies? 935 by the executive branch alone. Coupled with other symbols and narratives, we are presently enduring the Goering Treatment: declare an attack and denounce the peacemakers as traitors.

As a Zen poet and grad student of research psychology, I propose a name for the Goering Treatment: myth-jacking. A myth is a metaphor; a metaphor is a nation's Vessel for going from ignorance to enlightenment; thus, the Goering Treatment myth-jacks our national Vessel.

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