Monday, April 21, 2008

Goering's Law of National Myth-Jacking: the only law BushRoveCo ever obeys faithfully

Pentagon Propaganda Program Exposed
The New York Times has revealed new details on how the Pentagon recruited more than seventy-five retired military officers to appear on TV outlets as so-called military analysts ahead of the Iraq war to portray Iraq as an urgent threat. The Times reports the Pentagon continues to use the analysts in a propaganda campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance...

Goering's Law of National Myth-Jacking: the only law BushRoveCo ever obeys faithfully.

Look. All false modesty aside: this is what I've been saying for for 6 or 7 months now: We've been MYTH-JACKED! A deliberate kidnapping and gang-raping of We, the People. As a poet, and grad student of research psychology, they're speaking my language. I hear them loud and clear. Solving any one of the worst of society's ills was my wish, back in '73, when I was explicitly told I could do so by my school district based on standardized tests. Ending racism has been my life's work since I was 9.

Five years prior to that, back in '68, when Campbell wrote the Masks of God series, the Human Conceit was loud and clear in our shared narrative. So, too, was patriarchy. This is the thing: it wasn't believed that we humans could be so easily manipulated by mechanical means. The ghastly and repeated replications of the Holocaust in Tibet, Latin America, East Timor, SE Asia several times over, the Balkans, Baltics and other former Soviet States, Rwanda, the Congo, Darfur, SW Asia, the Levant, in the 20th century--and these experiments don't begin to review the literature--I say, provide
superabundant confirmation for Hermann Goering's method, which I call myth-jacking, so much that I propose we elevate it to Goering's Law of National Myth-jacking.

Science is to our government what the Scripture is to the Pope: a means of herding a flock. Only Science doesn't even grant us the humanity of the creators of Science. Nope, just "inputs." How in this great cosmos did Science come about, as a product of its own machinery? We've been MACHINED right out of our own Being Aware of Becoming.

We cisterna mystica, of the very same nature as these words and the space they're in--{self-filling%self-emptying}--have been desecrated into mere mechanical receptacles.

At the Massacre of Dili, survivors were forced to kneel in the graveyard they hoped to return to out of respect for their kin. Anyone who so much as raised their head got a rifle-butt blow in return: CELLf-imprisonment. In their state of shock, they were rebooted into CELLves of their own making, imprisoned and isolated right there in public. Who says power comes out of the barrel of a gun?

And now we hear how the media have been weaponized, how our shared narrative is being used against us right freaking now.

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