Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rep. Inslee busts Lord Simon in the Myth-Jacking Act (c.41:00 dn2008-0402)

WOOHOO! Way to rep the state, Mr. Inslee!

AMY GOODMAN: Democratic Congressmember Jay Inslee of Washington State also questioned the Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil, Stephen Simon, about the kind of change that could be expected from Exxon Mobil when they’re investing less than one percent of their profits in renewable energy.

    REP. JAY INSLEE: Mr. Simon, listening to your testimony makes me even more convinced that we need to act to create an incentive for decision makers in industry to really make real investments in the clean energy revolution rather than relatively small ones. And the reason I say that is that, listening to you, as far as I can tell, you’re spending less than half a percent of your gross revenues on clean energy research. Is that right?

    STEPHEN SIMON: It would be a very modest amount. I would acknowledge that. But I would not acknowledge that we’re not doing a lot to address greenhouse gas emission.

    REP. JAY INSLEE: Well, considering that we have to cut our greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent in this country below our levels by 2050, would you agree that if your company continues on its present course, it will fall several hundred orders of magnitude short of what we have to do to prevent cataclysmic global climate change?

    STEPHEN SIMON: Well, the assumption there that that’s required in order to do that, I would—

    REP. JAY INSLEE: Well, how else is it going to happen? I mean, oil isn’t going to all of a sudden become clean. We need to do the research to figure out these technologies.

    STEPHEN SIMON: No, but the fact is that we are going to have oil and gas and coal, and it’s going to constitute about 80 percent of the energy equation. With that as a given, how do we then address and do what we can to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions with that being the case?

AMY GOODMAN: Democratic Washington Congressmember Jay Inslee questioning Stephen Simon, the Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil. When we come back from break, we’ll be joined by Steve Kretzmann of Oil Change International. This is Democracy Now!,, the War and Peace Report. Back in a minute.

See that? See that? "Several hundred orders of magnitude" below what we really need to do"--MYTH-BUSTED!

Speaking of home-grown hitmen, that's what I'm saying! While we plebeians stumble about our mundane lives, our Lords and Ladies live on a playing field "hundreds of orders of magnitude" above us.

This is a Ptolemaic cosmos centered on absolute divine right royal houses. These people are as anti-democratic as it gets. "Democracy," to them, is the fairy tale with which they scare us into order. We are just raw material to them, not even beasts of burden any more, just "inputs."

"Fight them there so we don't fight them here" is a lie: there is no "there," there is only here! only now!

There is no Other, only relatively Beloved!

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