Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meeting Amy and David Goodman @ Seattle Green Festival Sunday 13 April 2008

I went to the Green Festival Sunday. I met Amy and David Goodman. And then it happened.

The Main Stage couldn't handle the crowd. I saw Medea Benjamin, then a male host, then Amy herself take the stage--from extreme stage left/ the wings. There she was, with her magnified image behind herself on the HUGE screen, 10' tall at least. HA! Who says you don't see the mythic realm with the waking mind?

I was 3rd in line for the book signing that followed. At the end of her talk, I heard them sing Happy Birthday to someone, I assumed Amy. Perfect!

When I told her and David I had poems for them, Amy stopped me. She picked up the mic of some sort of transmitter. Without looking up, she said something about "could you come up here." As I tried to stretch out the intro, David explained: she's asking the cameraman to join us. We want to hear it, but we want to get it on film. !!!

oh, what have I done? I'm entirely BAKED! HA! Don't be a scaredy cat." So I stood there, for an hour, grinning like the wayward fool I am, opposite the signing table, in the background of the filming, as the entire serpentine line of fans had their moments. And then David gave me my cue: "And now knowbuddhau here has been waiting patiently to recite a poem."

I've given better technical performances, but nothing compares with looking all the way into Amy Goodman's eyes, turning to look equally deeply into David Goodman's eyes, and sharing Being Aware of Becoming for the 2 minutes it took to recite my twins, O Sister my Sister and O Brother my Brother.

All I hoped for, was to meet Amy and say, "Hello, O sister my Sister," to her. Holy holy lands, Batman! I entered the Washington State Convention Center, went up three escalators--I didn't climb Mt. Olympus, so how did I come face to face with Athena and Apollo? HA! Heaven and Hell are right here and now.

So I fairly floated outta there, as you may well imagine.

Score that one for Lunatics and Poets! That's the name of the 2004 album by my new favorite band, Red Elvises.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: "Making love to Venus, talking shit to Mars" --Red Elvises (Lunatics and Poets, 2004)
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:09:21 -0700
From: know! buddha u

Organization: Completely Different Research
To: Democracy Now!

Red Elvises: Lunatics and Poets (2004: All songs written by Igor Yuzov
©2004 Shooba-Doobah Music, BMI)


Cosmonaut Tchaikovski lost in open Space,
Rocking in his rocket counting down the days.
Son of Mother Russia, Hero of Ukraine,
Dreaming of his girlfriend, calling out her name.

Masha, Masha you driving me insane,
Masha, Masha I'm calling out your name.

Cosmonaut Tchaikovski lost and never found,
Going kind of crazy, jumping like a clown,
Lunatic and poet, prince of yellow stars,
Making love to Venus, talking shit to Mars.

Masha, Masha you driving me insane,
Masha, Masha I'm calling out your name.

Cosmonaut Tchaikovski, out of his mind,
Circling his orbit twenty million times,
Memories of snowflakes, vodka, borsht and babes,
Balalaika music, eggs by Faberge

Masha, Masha you driving me insane,
Masha, Masha I'm calling out your name.

Word! These guys are completely blowing my mind. They'll be in Seattle on 8 July.



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