Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Winter Soldiers Tell Their Heroic Tales: Mrs. Meadlo

Winter Soldiers deliver the boons of their repeated trips to Hell and back
SEYMOUR HERSH: And then this woman, this sort of uneducated, very rural woman from on the banks of the Wabash River and very south of southern Indiana, she looked at me, and she said—very angry and very low—she said, “I gave them a good boy, and they sent me back a murderer.” And, you know, you hear those stories. I’m right there. It’s a moment you’ll never forget. And I—no matter how much I write about it, I still think about it. And we’re just hearing it today all day, again and again. And the bottom line is, this is what war is.

It's that, and more. Ellsberg calls it an "atrocity generating situation." The APA has made its contribution to our Holy War effort. Turning good boys into murderers is the whole purpose of boot camp, right? And who authors all those reports on the human mind and how to use it like any other weapon, irregardless of the long-term effects on the share of Divinity that happens to be passing through?

We train people into killers, right? that's the whole point of boot camp. OK, so where's the "unboot camp?" Where's the huge effort to undo these obviously harmful effects? HA!

The APA bears heavy responsibility for these crimes. We're being trained as dogs of war, taught to imprison ourselves in inescapable CELLves, mere mechanical receptacles, quantum singularities of PAIN. These doctors are producing more suffering than they cure.

Here's a question the APA can't answer: where's the evidence that this mind is as univocal as this throat? Where's the evidence that this mind flows 1 and only 1 named and known individuum?

Isn't that monotheism masquerading as science? In a presumably absolutely univocal universe, where is there room for dissent? What we have are absolute divine right Royalists and logical positivists, wee men afraid of their psychic shadows, in charge of a nuclear-powered republic. Everybody's just doing what some other Authority says is the right thing to do. Not very democratic at all, if you ask me.

Don't talk back"

--Some 50s band the name of which escapes me

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