Thursday, April 10, 2008

"[I]t’s just unheard of." --Babak Pasdar, on his discovery of NO'1s LAND (dn2008-0410 12:45-28:00)

Holy Holy Lands, Batman! I just realized what this is: perhaps others aren't as slow. The BushRoveCo MO, I've been shouting from the rooftops, involves the following mythosociopsychology:

[(Absolute Supremacy)/ NO 1'S LAND/// (Absolute Subjugation)]

The Quantico Circuit is NO 1's LAND!

JUAN GONZALEZ: And what do you discern from the—as you were saying, you tried to get a log of interaction with it, but you could not produce a log? What does that mean in terms of what your sense is of what was being done by that?

BABAK PASDAR:Well, everything that security folks do, security experts do, needs to have some transaction around it. We need to know what happened, when it happened, and be able to go back and recreate a scenario from a forensic standpoint, from an evidentiary standpoint, from just knowing exactly what happened when. Logging is critical to that. So whenever we implement a security system, we collect logs, we feed information to a system that preserves log of exactly what the transaction and where, who talked to whom and, you know, with what types of services. When—it’s just unheard of to have an organization, especially at carrier, implement a security system and not log the information.

JUAN GONZALEZ:So, in other words, what was occurring was that someone was deliberately trying to hide whatever transactions or whatever data was going through that particular line?

BABAK PASDAR:Well, they were behaving very unusual and not up to industry standards.

AMY GOODMAN:What was the reaction of your coworkers, of the people you were asking questions of, of the company?

BABAK PASDAR:Well, they were very squirrelly about it.

In this mythosociopsychopathological cage of mind, there is no Commons. As Rev. Huckabee said, there's our political economy, and "not theirs."

Brother Scott Horton has chronicled the legal machinations by which the ship of state has been myth-jacked into this Wasteland. That method involves creating legal "black holes" into which we detainees are meant to fall.

These psychotics believe absolute separability not only to be possible, but in fact to be the essential nature of the cosmos.

Joseph Campbell called this "mythic dissociation." These people are self-terrorized, CELLf-imprisoned, using nuclear weapons to silence the voices of Fear in their heads and hearts, which only makes them fear a nuclear-powered Fear.

Babak Pasdar discovered the Grail Castle, was not intimidated, was not discouraged, was not CELLf-imprisoned; as Tom Devine wisely put it, Babak Pasdar dared commit the Truth that may set us all Free.

Babak Pasdar, you're my hero!

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