Thursday, April 10, 2008

There SHE is, Lady Liberty! (dn2008-0410)

JUAN GONZALEZ: This is Jennifer Teguia, a pro-Tibet demonstrator in San Francisco, speaking before the torch relay Wednesday.

    JENNIFER TEGUIA: There are some severe human rights violations going on, and they are being perpetrated by China. So I am here to make sure that my voice is heard that I am not OK with human rights violations.

And now live from San Fran, it's Lady Liberty! I love it! Mythic figures taking to the streets. See! Royalty aren't the only ones who can play god! We are all worthy of public acknowledgment of our innate Divinity.

Who says you don't see actual divinities, with the waking mind, has trained their mind's eye to go blind at the sight of Beauty Herself, dancing with her partner, Tender Manliness.

I mean it: as infants, we have to learn to use our sensory apparatus: we train our mind's eye, too, not to see unbearable things. O but we do! we do see them.

Our ability, to ignore the suffering of our kin, who is really our very self only spatially removed, allows all suffering to go on. We need some emotional callous, to be sure. Obviously, though, we Americans need to be far more open to the suffering from which we draw our lives.

BTW, Scott Horton is ending his daily blog, will you be doing a review or feature? If so, please ask ask him about his support and admiration for McCain. I truly admire Brother Scott. I can't fathom this one thing about him.

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